Lil Nas X Talks About Upcoming Album and Childhood in New Interview

Lil Nas X, photographed by Shikeith, will grace the cover of ‘The New York Times Magazine’ on July 11 (Photo Credit: Shikeith Official Twitter Account)

It’s amazing to see how much things change over time.  When Lil Nas X performed at the BET Awards on June 27, he unapologetically kissed another guy during his performance.  While there was outrage from the homophobes that night, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reported it only received three complaints on the same-sex kiss.   

In 2009, when Adam Lambert kissed one of his back-up dancers at the American Music Awards that year, it was reported that the FCC received around 1,500 complaints. Lambert gave his approval on Lil Nas X’s kiss in an interview recently saying the moment was hot.

In the cover story for the July 11th issue of The New York Times Magazine with photos by artist and filmmaker Shikeith, Lil Nas X talks about the moment that his pants ripped while performing on Saturday Night Live, which, as NY Times’ Jazmine Hughes writes, is not the worst thing to happen to him that night:

Aside from the wardrobe mishap, the show felt amazing. He had performed on freakin’ “S.N.L.”! He felt great. He felt like hitting on someone. So he shot his shot, sending a message to someone he had been chatting with online. The target respectfully knocked that shot out of the air: This person was so flattered by the attention, but they had a boyfriend. Nas respected the honesty; a lot of people just throw themselves at him. “I was like, Damn, you’re that loyal?” he told me. “I love it. You forget sometimes that people are, like, really loyal, and it’s like, I want to do that.”

Lil Nas X also talked to Hughes about his childhood, the origin of his hit song, “Old Town Road,” and his upcoming album, Montero. Hughes also talked about Lil Nas X getting his license back in May.

Over on his Tik Tok account, Lil Nas X posted a video of the new car he bought, and then, in a separate video a day later, he posted a video of him pulled over with the police behind him.


♬ industry baby by lil nas x – lil nas x


♬ industry baby by lil nas x – lil nas x

Both videos, plus two other videos, have audio from a song from his new album called “Industry Baby.” Last month, Nas also shared a clip from the new season of the cartoon, Rick and Morty, where a character mentions the rapper, which he considered “the best thing ever in my entire life.”


my favorite show ahhhhhhhhhh 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

♬ industry baby by lil nas – lil nas x


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