Lil Nas X’s New Song To Drop In Two Weeks!

Image via Twitter @LilNasX

Lil Nas X has officially announced the release date of the long-awaited “Call Me By Your Name” song.

Last night, Lil Nas X tweeted out the message, “MONTERO (CALL ME BY YOUR NAME)… 3*26.”


In addition to that, the musician posted an image inspired by the classic Creation Of Adam painting. The image shows two version of Little Nas X. Displayed in the nude but with clouds and leaves tastefully covering his crotch, Lil Nax X is portrayed as both God and Adam. Only this time, “God” has a bow and arrow with an outstretched hand as the arrowhead. While the artist did not explain the image, there is the suspicion that it is the cover art for the new single.

This single has been awaited by fans since Lil Nas X first teased it last year. The musician shared a video of himself dancing to a new song and simply captioned the tweeted clip, “Call Me By Your Name.” The song’s title is a reference to the 2017 queer film of the same name. Around that time, the musician shared that he was working on a new album and that it was almost complete.


Then last month, Lil Nas X revealed more of the song in a Super Bowl ad with computer and software company Logitech. In the background of the advertisement, we hear a more completed version of the song, now titled “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).”

“It’s like the most anticipated single of mine,” he said on a YouTube show. “I’m just so excited for this. This song is probably my favorite as of right now of songs I’ve ever worked on. It’s so expressive, it’s so vibrant, it’s so sexy. It’s going to be a moment.”

Now, we know when we can hear the song in its entirety. Only a few more weeks to go!

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