Log Cabin Republicans Show Support While Anti-Gay Trump Supporters Say Candidate Should Be Put To Death For Holding Flag.

Yep, he's holding it upside down.  What a … oh wait, the writing on the flag.  It looks like someone created this flag to be held this way. 

Usually when a country's flag is hung upside down, it means distress.  That is it.  By definition, it means nothing else.


People ask if it is OK to fly the flag upside down in protest, for example: to protest the economy, an election or against the war. The Flag Code states it should only be displayed upside down when there is extreme danger to life or property. It would be quite the stretch to make an argument that any type of political purpose would constitute “dire distress”. It is recommended that people who wish to make a protest in this fashion do so that it is respectful of the flag. We must remember that our flag represents the government of the United States and all of its policies. It also stands for our freedom of speech, our right to practice or even not to practice the religion of our choice and it represents one united nation in all its glory and the American values. Most importantly it stands for the sacrifices made past, present and in the future to protect our freedoms. Read the proper ways to display the American flag under specific circumstances on our Displaying The Flag page. – US Code of Laws regarding how to fly the flag


So now we have the Rainbow flag upside down in the hands of the Republican candidate for President of the United States.  Who put it there?  Who gave him the flag?





It may be the Loc Cabin Republicans.  Oh snap!  Well I did say it. Well , not all of them. Log Cabin Republicans in Miami, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Orange County, Texas and Georgia have endorsed Trump.

Although LCR typically does not allow local chapters to support other candidates, the organization is allowing for flexibility in this election. The Washington, D.C.-based national group is permitting regional chapters to endorse or not endorse Trump in this election.

Here's one statement from a break away chapter.



"We, as Log Cabin Republicans of Miami, we're Americans first, we're Republicans second, and we happen to be gay or allies of the LGBT community. American national security is our government's first and foremost responsibility, then the economy – those two issues really are paramount to any American," Miami chapter president Vincent Foster told the Washington Examiner on Monday evening.

"Our membership has gotten behind the Republican national nominee and it's unfortunate that other Republicans are unable to do so. Regardless of differences, we understand that a Hillary Clinton presidency is only going to be detrimental to the LGBT community and the general American population." – washingtonexaminer.com


So as some of you, 80% of you are appalled by his holding the rainbow flag upside down, not all Trump supporters are happy either.  Some of them even calling for his death. Warning, the video below is a little NSFW due to language.



In a video posted last night, Shoebat fumed that Trump has been utterly corrupted by gay billionaire Peter Thiel and is now “bowing down to the sodomite agenda,” calling for both of them to be put to death.

“In an ideal society, anyone who supports homosexuality would be put to death,” Shoebat said. “Bastards like Peter Thiel over here would be hung or burned at the stake, and rightfully so. And guys like Donald Trump—I’m sorry, holding up that faggot flag, it’s unforgivable to me, it’s unforgivable—and in an ideal society, people like Mr. Trump would also be put to death as well, and rightfully so.” – rightwingwatch.org





So, does Trump try to show his love for the LGBT community at the risk of losing some of his core supporters?

This is getting messy.




h/t:  washingtonexaminer.com, rightwingwatch.org

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