Macy’s Severs Relationship Will Focus Giving On LGBTQ Youth

Retail giant Macy’s has just announced the end of their longtime partnership with The Salvation Army. A spokesperson for Macy’s said “We reevaluated our cause and community work and made a significant commitment to driving societal change by empowering underrepresented youth in our community. With this shift, we made the difficult decision to not continue our partnership with the Salvation Army this holiday season.” The Salvation Army has long been known for being quite homophobic.


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As previously reported by LGBTQ Nation,

“The LGBTQ community has boycotted the Salvation Army for over a decade after a 2010 article on The Bilerico Project, a precursor to LGBTQ Nation, exposed their history of discrimination against the queer community. The evangelical church changed its doctrine on LGBTQ issues and issued a guide to volunteers and staff on fighting racism and homophobia, spawning scorn and anger by the religious right.”Β 


The unapologetic Salvation Army doubled down on its racism and homophobia. Kenneth Hodder, the National Commander of the Salvation Army, posted a video to the group’s YouTube channel explaining, “But nothing, nothing, will change the fundamental commitments that have characterized the Salvation Army for the past 156 years Our mission is still to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and meet human needs in his name without discrimination. The Salvation Army is not on the left. It’s not on the right. We’re where we’ve always been: following Jesus Christ.”


I know my holiday charitable giving WILL never include The Salvation Army. Macy’s is a major supporter of The Trevor Project, a suicide prevention helpline for LGBTQ youth. Check out their website here.



You know at Christmas when the Salvation Army wants your money and denies they are a homophobic organization. Yeah, well, here ya go.

β€” Tarpo (@Tarpo) June 29, 2022


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Sources: LGBTQ Nation

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