Maine Governor Calls State Representative A Cocksucker On Voicemail.

Politics at its best.  Maine Governor Paul LePage left his filter home once again, if he ever had one.

On Thursday, Gattine, a Democratic state representative, told a reporter with TV station WMTW that the governor's racially charged comments weren't helpful in battling drug addiction.

The same reporter, David Charns, asked the governor to respond to those remarks. Along the way, Charns said on Twitter, LePage got the impression that Gattine had called him racist.

LePage stormed out of the interview. "Black people come up the highway and they kill Mainers," he answered angrily. Over his shoulder, he told Charns, "You make me sick." –


Listen to the voicemail below.


"Mr. Gattine, this is Gov. Paul Richard LePage," it began. ""I would like to talk to you about your comments about my being a racist, you c********r" — a vulgarity referencing fellatio.

"I want you to prove I'm a racist. I've spent my life helping black people and you little son of a bitch, socialist c********r," he continued, using the same expletive, " … I am after you." –

How does calling another politician a cocksucker compare to a political figure sharing a cock pick?  Which is worse in your mind? 

Shouldn't we think that LePage was trying to degrade Gattine by calling another male politician someone who likes to orally service another man, basically saying Gattine was a gay man and viewing him lesser than himself.  Such a  great role model. 

But of course, it's not just the you're a faggot comment, it's also the dueling reference.

The vulgar voicemail left Thursday was first reported by the Portland Press-Herald. The newspaper also reports that in an interview, LePage said he wished it were 1825 so that he could challenge Gattine to a duel — and that if he did, he wouldn't shoot in the air like Alexander Hamilton.

"I would point it right between his eyes, because he is a snot-nosed little runt," LePage told the Press-Herald.

LePage has since apologized for his language, and said his comments about shooting Gattine were metaphorical. Democratic leaders in Maine, meanwhile, have said the governor is not "mentally or emotionally fit to hold office." –

To hear more about what Governor LePage has said in the past, head over to where they cite his ramblings about black drug dealers coming into the 95% white state and impregnating Maine females then leaving. Here's a quick video of that speech.



And it's not the first time Governor LePage has utilized sexual references in his responses.  Here he is in a video from 2013 where he talks about unlubricated anal sex, tries to patch things up knowing his mouth and brain are broken, but then insults all loggers in the state. 



I'm from Maine, moved away in 2013, and the best parts of leaving were moving further away from a cheating lying ex and moving out from underneath Paul LePage.

Should we accept his apology?  Haven't we allowed enough to happen already?  Is this an impeachable act?


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