Man Threatens S. Florida LGBT Friendly Church, Arrested. Pastor Responds.

Another man has been arrested for threatening a south Florida LGBT community via social media. Like in the case we covered earlier this year with Craig Jungwirth (Man Accused Of Threatening LGBT Community In Wilton Manors Indicted and Beach Bear Scam Artist Threatens Orlando-Style Massacre) the community knew that there were issues surrounding this man threatening violence, once again saying it would be bigger than the Orlando Massacre.  We did not hear if there were diagnosed mental issues with Jungwirth (my own friends whom he harassed and threatened would say yes), but in this new case with Joseph Jorczak, the story is different.  Here is Miami 7's coverage of the event.







If you recall the incident with Jungwirth, do you think it lead to a quicker response to Jorczak's threats? 

Even though these are two atrocious cases, they should be looked upon as betterment.  These threats are being taken seriously and being acted upon with the full force of the law.  It is good to know that in these cases, law enforcement is looking out for the safety of the LGBT community.

h/t: Miami 7

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  1. Amazing how the men who claim

    Amazing how the men who claim to be most against gays put themselves in the one place that they will be forced into gay sex.


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