Margaret Cho Discusses Asian-American Violence On ‘Ebony And Irony’

During a recent podcast episode of Lady Bunny and Monet X Change’s buzzed about podcast Ebony and Irony, Margaret Cho talked openly about the rise in Asian-American hate crimes occurring across the country. “I’m scared to go out” the 52 year-old comedian and activist said. Cho went on to say “as an older Asian woman, it’s actually like, it’s hard out there for people like me. It’s very much like being the target”. 


When asked about the attacks that have occurred in San Francisco, CA this year, Cho was direct on what she thought the reason was; Even though there are instances of black on Asian violence, it’s still because of white supremacy,” Cho said. “We’re put together from this idea of the myth of the model minority, and that statement is such a damaging one — to be a model minority — because it makes it seem like other minorities are not the model.” She went on to say: “It pits us against each other as if our only value is our relationship to the white patriarchy.”

Margaret Cho is not the only Asian-American LGBTQ voice to speak out on the violence of against their community. RuPaul’s Drag Race star Rock M. Sakura recently spoke openly about her past in sex work, a disclosure made partially due to the uptick in violence about the Asian-American community recently. 

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