Matt Lister Is Looking ‘FANTASTIC’ In New Photo Shoot.



Photographer Lee Faircloth shoots grrrtastic models Francesc Gascó & Matt Lister for Fantastics Magazine.

Matt Lister was first on our radar as a canoeist for Team Great Britain. 

'Attitude' Cover Hunk Matt Lister Shares His Coming Out Story

Ex-Olympic Canoeist Matt Lister Speaks Out On Homophobia in Sports

Matt came out in 2012 and now holds the title of British Athletics Commission LGB Ambassador.  He currently is not personally competing in professional sports, but instead is trying his hat at or in this case trying his pants at some modeling.  It looks like the transition is a good one. We approve!


We're not going to call Lister a gay athlete, for in a recent interview with the, he is not that. 



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Lee Faircloth

Francesc Gascó
Matt Lister

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