Matthew Rush Reveals Devastating 3-Month Health Battle

Porn legend Matthew Rush, who has been dealing with a variety of issues in the public eye over the past couple of years, revealed on Tuesday, July 30, that he’s been going through a devastating health battle for the past 3 months.
Matthew (real name Greg Grove) said on Facebook that he’s been suffering from a condition called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. It’s defined as an Age-associated prostate gland enlargement that can cause urination difficulty.
Credit: Greg Grove Facebook

“I didn’t pay attention to the signs and I pushed myself which which inevitably landed me in the hospital for 6 days with pneumonia,” Greg said. “Thanks to everyone and their love and support. Make sure you take care of yourself first! This was a very hard lesson for me because as much as I think I can take on the world, I’m far from Superman.”


Greg went on to discuss how he’s going to start his own “personal transformation” ASAP by beginning a fitness journey that will be as “natural and raw” as possible. This includes him cutting back on red meat and processed foods in order to make sure the condition he’s had is a thing of the past. 

Greg has run into problems lately that go beyond the emergency room. 

He had a string of arrests towards the end of 2017 and into the beginning of 2018. He was first arrested in September 2017 for possession/use of drug paraphernalia & possession of methamphetamine. 

Then, in November 2017, his charged was reduced to a misdemeanor for possession of drug paraphernalia. He was re-arrested in January 2018 when the subsequent court date notices to resolve the misdemeanor charges were not responded by him. 

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  1. In the 80s, 90s and 2000s, many gay porn stars died of AIDS and overdoses and committed suicide. This Matthew Rush already used anabolic steroids and other drugs, he was lucky to be alive today at 51 years old

  2. The Urolift WAS top of the line treatment a few years ago (pre-2020 approx.). Now, it is the ITIND treatment, where they insert through the urethra a spring loaded set of blades that cut grooves in the prostate when the blades are “opened” inside and left to cut into the prostate for 5-7 days and the spring then closed up again and taken/pulled out through the urethra. Once the channels cut into the prostate by the ITIND heal (in my case took a good 1.5-2 years for the positive results hoped for to appear), the urine does indeed pass through almost normally (i.e., pre-BPH without obstruction). Horribly painful, nonetheless. The advantage of the ITIND over the Urolift can be important in the future if more and diffierent types of surgery (the scraping or shaving referred to in the article, for example) are necessary.

    With UROLIFT there are metal staples left to retain the walls of the prostate (so it will be impossible to do the shaving or water abrasion methods of treating BPH). With ITIND, the metal saw blades (pretty honest description, from my own experience!) are withdrawn after 5-7 days, and if in the future shaving is needed, no problems are encountered. I am not a physician (MD) but rather a doctor (Ph.D.) so just providing my experience for educational purposes, nothing as official treatment or treatment recommendations, per se.

  3. I knew Matthew Rush as Greg back when he still lived in Columbus, Ohio. I would occasionally see him at the Bruce Dooley pool parties back in the day. Greg was alwasy very nice and polite. He was on the cusp of being a super star at the time but was still very humble and decent. I remember how conflicted he was about being pulled in the direction of the adult film industry but also desparately wanting a fairy-tale romantic relationship with someone. I would like to think that he found that dream because he certainly deserved and deserves it. People are very quick to judge Greg for his choices. Who could honestly resist the allure of the entire gay world knowing who you are and privately wanting to get into your pants – that is how big the star rose for Matthew Rush. People are also too quick to judge without reflecting on their own choices in life. No one leads a perfect life. What I can tell you about Greg is that he was decent and kind to others. I have not seen or talked with him in years but I doubt he has ever lost those qualities. I wish him every luck and success.

    • It’s always easy to explain away your bad choices. He chose this kind of life knowing the consequences. You either go one way or the other. He chose the wrong way. You can extol him all you want, but you can clearly see how it ended.

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  5. Sorry about your health “scare” of BENIGN prostate hyperplasia which only 2 out of every 3 men will suffer at some point in their lives thank you for giving a face to this rarest and most life-threatening of diseases. You should do a spot for Shriner’s next.

    How pathetic that the gay community exalts sex work. I’m disgusted they let us get married, to be honest.

  6. I met Matthew Rush a few times when I lived in Fort Lauderdale in 2005. He was friendly and awfully sexy. I wish him luck with his health concerns.

  7. Never in a billion years would an enlarged prostate cause pneumonia. Sounds like he’s trying to explain away all that weight loss (coughmethcough). And BPH isn’t prostate cancer and doesn’t mean you’ll get it. God, the things people believe…

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  9. Enlarged prostate is common but because of this he should pay attention to it now – dysplasia means pre cancer. Eventually as you age cancer happens but it’s PRE right now. Shave it down to increase urine flow so it does not back up into your kidney which can happen but it’s rare.

  10. Trivia: BPH has nothing to do with pneumonia and is very easily treated. I recommend a UroLift procedure – they pull the prostate back with kind of clamps to keep the urethra open, no meds needed. Finasteride is the med that helps, but it causes a rise in blood pressure and can easily cause ED which takes on average 4 years to go away after stopping the drug, if it goes away at all (for many the damage is permanent).

  11. I was having a moment of tangential thoughts that led to this article. I remembered meeting Greg a few times in different cities at events that were very supportive of the community. He always took the time to have some very witty small talk and i was surprised that he remembered my name from the first time i met him. This was during the time he was actively working in adult entertainment. My perception is that he was a genuinely nice, witty, very intelligent, and thoughtful gentleman. He was never anything other than that so i have no reason to think that he’s not.
    As far as the story, or article. The answers to my questions were answered. Therefore, i’m probably going to read a few more. Instinct was the first of any media i ever owned that had a gay audience and im very satisfied with the depth of information.
    I respect the ability to share our thoughts. There are hopefully different opinions and additional information that can continue a conversation.
    1. Being arrested for methamphetamine or works to use the drug does not indicate an addiction. Possibility and probability are both subjective.
    2. All the comments from the people that met Greg said he had very positive qualities.
    3. For the person that imperatively suggested to face it because he’s just getting older. I congratulate you for reminding me that anyone that read this whole comment is now older ow than at the beginning of my comment. That time will never be yours again.
    4. I suggest that those who post that an article is a “non-story” would not be going back to read other comments and just move on with life.

    Thanks all for the information and entertainment!

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      • I think his best movie was “His sons’ boyfriend”. It was really hot without any talking. Sad that he let his life go downhill the way it did. I wish him good health, but when you start taking drugs-well the end won’t be good.

  13. How does BPH give you pneumonia?

    Somehow I feel like the meth addiction is the real problem, one that he’s still not willing to address.

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  15. I went through the same thing…..Greg, I wish you all the luck and all the good health that god allows us. It’s an ongoing battle…keep up the good fight…

  16. Give me a break most males as they age get it. It’s nothing that out of the ordinary. Lets face it he is getting OLD!

  17. Another non-story. Either what’s online is incomplete and is just filler for ads or we’re not getting the whole story, but just teasers. I’m a longtime subscriber and this has become very frustrating.

    • How is it a non-story? The post clearly tells the story that Rush shared his health scare news on his Facebook page recently and even they even included the FB link for readers to go check it out.

      Or were you expecting Instinct to post his medical records?

      • It’s not a scare it’s a fact of life, what, he doesn’t know someone older whoever had this? Oh please! You may have it as well someday. Talk to your dad he may teach you something.

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    • umm, he was a slut and fucked my boyfriend at the time. I, unfortunately, ran into him in Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale. I think he was haunting me.

  19. I met him years (20+) years ago when he worked for a gym in Columbus before he was in porn. He was one of the nicest guys I met. I wish him well.

      • This is normal, so many people have this – its age related and partially do to his industry work. But I will warn him prostate cancer can follow as he ages. I know about these things. What a LOT of people who have this condition will do is they literally shave away the gland so he can have urine flow easier. It’s not a life or death thing. If its prostate cancer then just say it. Other wise go with the less terrible thing here, enlargement. It’s also genetic.


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