Med Students Releasing App To Connect LGBTQ Inclusive Doctors!

Med Students Releasing App To Connect LGBTQ Inclusive Doctors!

Finding An LGBTQ Friendly Doctor Is Becoming So Much Easier!

The news I'm about to tell you is SO exciting to anyone in the LGBTQ Community who has felt awkward or discriminated against at the doctor's office.

I feel strongly about being connected to LGBTQ doctors. When I first moved across the country to the West Coast, I got extremely ill. Without having an immediate doctor, a coworker took me to a local health clinic. When I entered the doctor's office after what seemed like an eternity of waiting, the healthcare professional asked me- a flamboyant man- when was the last time I was tested for HIV. I was so embarrassed and terrified. In the end, I had a stomach ulcer…not the "gay man's" disease this professional was assuming off the bat.

My experience has taught me to be wise when looking into healthcare professionals. I've relied on Yelp and social media to help guide me to someone who will be less ignorant to my sexuality and understand my needs as a human. Still, I will see recommendations for LGBTQ healthcare professionals on my social media a few times a week.

All of the recommendations are about to change with the new App, SpectrumScores.

According to NBC News, three medical students from the University of Pennsylvania are releasing SpectrumScores, which will connect LGBTQ patients to LGBTQ friendly doctors at the end of this month!

"The app will connect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer patients with doctors who have been recognized as LGBTQ-friendly by advocacy organizations, academic medical centers and, eventually, the app users themselves. The app will serve an important need for the community. LGBTQ people are more likely to experience discrimination when trying to access health care, according to a study by the National Institutes of Health, and LGBTQ people of color are particularly vulnerable."

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