Meet The Love Coach Spreading Black Gay Love

Amari Ice / Image via Instagram @princeamari

Not enough people out there care about helping black gay men find and keep love. Thankfully, Amari Ice is picking up the slack.

Amari Ice, otherwise known as the Prince of Hearts, is a matchmaker and relationship coach who’s dedicated to helping gay black men find love.

As he told WUSA9, “I’m actually, according to the Matchmaking Institute, the first black gay relationship coach who is also a certified matchmaker.”

The Howard University grad, who later obtained an MBA from Strayer University, defines matchmakers as people who introduce clients to compatible dates. But, Amari Ice is more than that. He’s also someone who helps clients become more comfortable in the dating world.

“A relationship coach is qualified to help you through any of the things that you do to sabotage yourself in addition to teaching you the skills you need — helping you process and work through any of your challenges along the path to finding love,” he explained.

“What I really enjoy doing is in powering people to do it on their own,” he added.

In order to become an officially licensed matchmaker and relationship coach, Ice studied under celebrity instructors like Patti Stranger, Lori Zaslow, Dr. Helen Fisher, and Paul Brunson.

And thankfully, Amari Ice is focused on men who identify as black and gay because that specific group is underserved. In addition, black gay men face the intersection of race and sexuality orientation in the world of dating.

“There is a hetero sexism, misogyny, femmephobia — all those things that we have to deal with,” Ice listed off challenges. “Not to mention racism. All the additional things that come with being a black man on top of being a black gay man.”

And how does Ice help black gay men? He teaches them methods for how to engage other men in romantic situations. And as Ice states, “the first thing we have to do is get clear on what your needs and your goals are. The second thing that we have to do is look at you love blocks. What are you doing to sabotage yourself?”

Amari Ice gives this information and more through his book Lasting Love at Last: The Gay Guide to Attracting the Relationship of Your Dreams. And right now, he’s giving that book away for free (click the link above for more info). Plus, he’s having some free consultations to discuss relationships with any black gay men looking for aid and assistance.

And its in this book that Ice expresses why he’s turned his life and career toward supporting other men in finding love.

“I want you to have what I have as much as I wanted it for myself. I wrote this book for others like me, those who struggle to find lasting relationships. I wrote it for all the little #Gaybies who don’t have love mentors, who don’t have direction, and who have no clue what to do or who to turn to for relationship guidance. I wrote it for those whose families didn’t teach them how to love; whose parents were absent or present but not engaged. And I wrote it for those who want to figure this out without the drama of having to invent or reinvent the wheel when it comes to relationships.”

He later adds:

“This book is a guide to show you the way, so you can get it right this time. It is intended to encourage you, not only to never give up, but also to show you how to not need to give up in the first place. It walks you through a clearly defined process and gives you the clarity, insight, and tools that will help you align all parts of your life with your desire.”

“This book is my love letter to you.”

Sources: WUSA9

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