Meet The Pit Crew Of ‘Canada’s Drag Race’

Image via Crave

Yesterday, we showed you the trailer for Canada’s Drag Race. And now, it’s time we introduced you to the show’s Pit Crew.

For years now, the Pit Crew has served two purposes for RuPaul’s Drag Race and all its international adaptions. They serve as eye candy for the drag queens and viewers while also assisting in games/challenges placed between lip sync battles and stunning drag looks.

For Canada’s version of the show, there isn’t an endless stream of bodies and faces like seen on the flagship program or even the six to seven men seen on the Thai or British versions. Instead, Canada’s Drag Race has chosen to stick to a tight five bodies for the show. But who are these five men? And where are their Instagram accounts so you all can… research? Well, you can find the information, and a few photos, down below.






If you liked what you saw and want to see them outside of the Instagram platform, don’t worry. Canada’s Pit Crew be coming to your tv and computer screens soon. You can check out the guys, as well as the queens and the guest judges, on July 2 through Canada’s Crave or the USA’s Wow Presents Plus. Meanwhile, the UK will see it all unfold on July 3 through BBC Three.

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