Milahroy Gets His Party On With ‘Only The Best’

Milahroy gets the last laugh in "Only The Best"
Milahroy in ‘Only the Best’ (promo)

Out singer/songwriter Milahroy is closing out 2021 with “Only The Best,” his latest single featuring his friends Luke Edgemon (The Voice) & theLMNOP.

The music video (directed by InteriorState) picks up from his last, “My Malibu,” where he was logging off from life and partying in that place that “lights us up.” But in the end, it turns out he got sucked back into real life where he works at the ‘Office of Hell’ in ‘Turd City USA.’

Milahroy in “Only the Best” (screen capture)

The phones don’t stop ringing, the work keeps piling up, and then comes the termination letter from Hell.

What to do? Cocktail time!

Suddenly life is bright and super-saturated with road trips, hot dog picnics in an astroturf park, and conga lines.

Out recording artist Milahroy drops new music video featuring Luke Edgemon "Only The Best"
(screen captures from “Only the Best”)

Out recording artist Milahroy drops new music video featuring Luke Edgemon "Only The Best"

Screen capture from "Only The Best"

Milahroy says the inspiration for the song came from “cross country travels while focusing on the good in life; focusing on the best & throwing the rest out.”

Ain’t running away – I’m living
Spend everyday – No Limits
No matter what they say Imma get it
Only the best now
Throwing the rest out

The exuberant, euphoric track serves up buoyant beats and top-shelf production all while showcasing Milahroy’s soulful vocals. Luke Edgemon proves to be a perfect partner in crime both vocally and amid the colorful shenanigans.


Make sure you stayed tuned all the way to the end. Milahroy continues his tradition of dropping a few bread crumbs to the next music video.

You can find Instinct’s past coverage of Milahroy and his pop furry goodness here.

“Only the Best” is now available on all major streaming sites including Spotify. Make sure to follow Milahroy and Luke Edgemon on Instagram.

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