Mimi Imfurst Finds Herself In Financial Jeopardy & Reaches Out

As one of the most polarizing performers to come out of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Mimi Imfurst is probably most remembered from her iconic “drag is not a contact sport” moment where she picked up India Ferrah during a lip sync. Imfurst followed up her Drag Race run with a subsequent All Stars run, co-starring in an Off-Broadway show (My Big Gay Italian Wedding), being crowned Miss’d America in 2016, and opening for comedic talents like Mo’nique and Kathy Griffin.

Photo Courtesy-Mimi Imfurst/Braden Chapman (GoFundMe)


Now, Mimi Imfurst is facing some real-life challenges of her own. After a year that was beyond challenging for all “gig” workers, Imfurst (real name: Braden Chapman) is stepping back from the world of drag, stating wistfully that “drag is not a place of joy for me anymore”. Chapman spoke openly of his financial struggles and is in severe danger of losing his home (he states a business deal has gone bad). He has set up a GoFundMe page, stating that he is “out of options” and “needs some help”.

Challenging circumstances are nothing new to this Philadelphia-based performer. Last year, two fellow Philadelphia drag performers came forward with sexual assault charges against Imfurst last summer, and Imfurst also participated in the Philadelphia Black Queer & Burlesque Town Hall, facing charges of issues with payment to performers and predatory behavior, among other issues. 

Chapman (who has shared his mental health struggles on his Instagram recently) ended his video by simply asking people that are in a similar place to “hang onto whatever keeps you going”. 

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8 thoughts on “Mimi Imfurst Finds Herself In Financial Jeopardy & Reaches Out”

  1. I’m a day one fan of drag race. I’ve watched all three types (drag race, drag race Allstars and untucked. I have love for every single participant… except Mimi. She is cringy 😬 like severely cringe and she makes me super uncomfortable. There’s something about her that just screams desperation and delusional mess. I hope she makes it through her self made hell but I will NEVER watch her in anything ever again. Just eeewwww…..

  2. This is God’s Wrath, Braden Chapman!!

    You clearly defied him, by going rogue and against his word by pretending to be a woman and participating in non-hetero activities.

    If you had NOT strayed from God’s path and established a normal lifestyle and established a real career, then you might not be in this situation (Do you even have a college degree though??)

    Maybe you can serve up cheesesteaks at Pat’s or Geno’s, but you’re not allowed around kids, so no bueno to working at Sesame Place, you freak!!

    • This comment…… please stop da madness 🤦‍♂️
      Someone here is in need, be a Good Samaritan and help him out. That’s what god would have wanted.

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  4. Maybe if she didn’t show up late/leave early from her shows she’d have money. Maybe if she wasn’t high as a kite during her performances she’d have money. Maybe if she wasn’t a horrible bitch, and an OK entertainer she’d have money. I’ve been to two of her shows, both I got my money back. I know quite a few other people who have demanded refunds due to the previously mentioned problems. I hope she gets the helps she needs and gets out of this hole, but girl, you did this to yourself.

      • He’s screwed a lot of people over the years. It’s one thing to be ambitious, but Braden has, on more than one occasion, really used people or pushed them aside in very ruthless ways, not caring who he hurt or what kind of friendships he ruined. So I can’t help but feel that this is karma punching him right in the painted face. Of course Drag doesn’t bring him joy anymore. He’s alienated so many people, nobody wants him around anymore. I hope he is able to stay afloat in life, financially, but if his career in drag and show business is over, I won’t pretend to be unhappy about it.


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