Months Old “Coming Out” Schock Messages Resurface Just To Make Us Look Bad


Back in June, shared screenshots of a supposed conversation involving former Illinois Republican Representative Aaron Schock. The conversation revolved around leaked pictures, conservative upbringings, Schock coming out, offers of sex, and palpable desperation (full screenshots shown at the end).

Yes, we’ve mentioned Aaron Schock before; Cochella, pool parties, tipping gogo dancers, hanging on the beach with a gay so-called influencer, and a pile of leaked nudes. As the motherboard always says, if you don’t want it on the internet, no matter who you are, don’t put it out there.


Let’s face it, we’ve all known Schock is gay, but not officially out. I mean really, the Downton Abbey office, a porn star photographer/traveling companion, the occurrences mentioned above, and much more. We’ve all been a part of it, and by “it” I mean a return to high school hijinks. “Look, he’s in the glee club AND the band. He must be gay.” But then again, the obvious things are not always true. We cannot label all effeminate men as homosexuals and if it walks like a duck, it may just have a bum knee.

But yes, if we are the judge, jury, executioner, and we play the role of that bully that told everyone else that you were gay before you even knew, he the gay.

And many feel that Aaron Schock deserves the treatment he has been receiving from the gay community, after the anti-marriage equality stance he took while in office.  I get in heated discussions with other writers / the owners and mention if you believe you should hold politicians to their past voting records and platforms, then you better not have supported the Clintons and should not be supporting Biden, among so many others. But the difference is most of those politicians have had time to apologize for their actions. Schock has not. And yes, he does need to.

So, to those screen shots that are being walked around the internet 2 ½ months after they were posted on


The screenshots are of an alleged private chat between someone and Aaron Schock. The name Edwin Montanez is being tied with these chats, but it is unclear if he is the one leaking the chat or the one in the chat. Other gay blogs/sites are sharing these screen captures and saying they “offer new insight into the disgraced ex-lawmaker’s recent string of scandals.” I think it offers another look at how the gays can be self-centered pricks.

We never seen Montanez’s name on the chat, but he does tell kennethinthe212 that he had permission to post it.


In the chat, the not-Schock person (since we don’t know if it is Montanez or someone else), let’s call him NS, comes off as being the helpful concerned homosexual by showing sympathy to Schock, saying he’s “DISGUSTED” by the coverage Schock has been receiving, especially the sharing of the leaked pics.

Those are personal and meant to be between you and whoever you’re sharing them with, not the world – NS

Schock responded in a politically correct fashion and agreed that the treatment was not the best for liberals to present.

When NS brings up Schock’s anti-gay record, the former Rep. cites that he was still dealing with his own sexuality at the time.  Many of us have been the biggest anti-LGBT closet dwellers before we came out.  The difference is we didn’t have the ability to affect US politics.


Point of clarification: there is a difference between when you realize you are gay (me in the third grade) and coming out (me at 23) so I understand the time table difference.

The NS character in this alleged chat, sympathizes and relates with Schock and a republican/conservative family and upbringing.


Sounds like a simple chat up to this point, kind of banal, and almost like Schock could have written it as an explanation as to what was going on in his big ol’ gay life up to this point. 

Then we get slimy and uncomfortable.

Remember that one gay guy that took you under his wing when you first came out? The one that sympathized with your personal story, told you to stay away from certain groups of people (whom are now your friends with), gave you life and coming out advice, but all the while he just wanted to get in your pants?  And he turned out to be the one you needed to avoid? Yep. We all had that “first gay friend” and this is the route that NS takes.  Maybe you’ve even been that first gay friend yourself. 


“This may be inappropriate but you have a very edible ass. Just needed to say that. I’m very impressed. – NS”  Yeah, ‘cuz saying the leaking of private pics was “DISGUSTING” and then in the same chat saying you want to eat that ass you saw in the leaked pics while also telling someone to be careful of shady queens and untrustworthy people. Gotcha.


“I would eat that up like it’s my final meal… Just being honest. I love eating ass and yours is my type. The internet thinks you’re on drugs etc. now btw. And they think you’re gonna go into porn. – NS”

NS is making himself up to be Schock’s savior.  I’ll save you from the bad queens, I’ll sympathize with your upbringing because it is like mine, I will give you the ass eating of your life, and I will tell you what everyone is saying about you. 

Are we done with this awful reach around hand-job of an attempt at a friendship?

NS asks a couple of times if they can be buds, and Schock eventually responding in the affirmative.


This seems all too fake. And if it is real, it just makes us gays look even worse. And if it is real, NS/Montanez, why the hell are you leaking this out when you were “DISGUSTED” with how he has been treated.  And I would really doubt Schock would have given you permission to post such a thing if he is still dealing with all of this on the homefront.  And if you did leak it, wouldn’t it have been more classy and respectful to leave the ass eating part out?  Or did you need to share you could get a piece of Schock?

This post is the opinion of one of the contributing writers of Instinct Magazine and definitely does not reflect the opinion of other writers and the magazine

Here are the 2 1/2 month old screen shots that are making the rounds again.  You decide if their fake, who faked them, or are they a real conversation?



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4 thoughts on “Months Old “Coming Out” Schock Messages Resurface Just To Make Us Look Bad”

  1. Right now, the one really riding the creep loser wave seems to be this despicable IG predator. If that thing is really communicating with Schock, I can’t help but feel a twinge of sympathy toward the guy since he’s obviously treading the same waters we all have and is pretty damned clueless. That’s not to say that I condone or excuse what he did with the power he had then and has had since to help himself to having some gay cake and eat it too all the while tossing the rest of us to the bloodthirsty “Christian Republicans.”

    He has a lot to make up for and to speak up for and he has yet to make any indications that he ever intends to attempt a redemption. All he’s done has bragged about not getting any jail time and still partying publicly gayly and obliviously. He’s still reaping rewards from being a wealthy relatively attractive white dude and acting like he doesn’t deserve to walk the same paths the rest of us do.

    I feel sorry for him because he has no true friends. He’s positioned himself in a way and in a career where the predatory gays will always be out for blood not just because he hasn’t grown from his dickhead behavior and experiences. I think he’s terribly lonely and unhappy. He’s reaping what he’s sown, but I gain no pleasure in others misery. But he’s got work to do and he needs to do it or else all he’ll ever be was that shallow douche

  2. Schock is a total dirtbag. I’m not interested in his feelings, his personal self-exploration or how he comes out. And I’m not going to be overly sensitive or critical about how we consume the information that surfaces about him. His conspicuous hypocrisy simply reinforces the belief that he and his cesspool of GOP colleagues have absolutely no substance. Schock and all the rest of the GOP misfits are liars, criminals and frauds who hide behind guns, the rantings of a traitor in the White House, and biblical fables from thousands of years ago.

    • You don’t have to condone or excuse his behavior. You don’t have to like him. But what do you get from wagging your finger and hissing and spitting like your sins aren’t also sins?

      It sounds like you get to be another hateful ugly human lashing out at an unfair and ugly world.

      Wouldn’t the world be better if more of us stop with the torches and pitchforks?

  3. I don’t get it. Want can’t the gay press just let Mr. Schock fade into obscurity? You guys are the ones promoting him and his posts at every turn. You guys are the ones who keep his name alive in the papers. If you believe he is truly that horrible, then ignore him. By publicizing his every little instagram pic, you feed his ego and keep him relevant. Thid is something every politician wants/needs. If you truly want him to pay for his sins, then starve the publicity beast and quit talking about him. He will go away and in time be forgotten. Otherwise, your obsession with him underscores your own hypocrisy.


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