Nate Berkus Makes Amazing Response to Derick Duggar’s Homophobic Comment

Interior designer Nate Berkus' and his partner Jeremiah Brent's new show on TLC called Nate & Jeremiah By Design has drawn quite a large fan base over the course of its first three episodes.  There is one person, however, who isn't pleased with it at all. 

It was reported earlier this week that former TLC star Derick Duggar (of the Duggar family), went on a major homophobic rant against their family and the new show.  After TLC shared a tweet of Nate and Jeremiah with their daughter Poppy Brent-Berkus, in an effort to promote the new program, Derick followed up by saying this:



The response to Derick's homophobia was widely met with negativity and criticism against him (he's also criticized star of I Am Jazz, Jazz Jennings, who happens to be transgender). 

Nate responded yesterday and took the high road in the process.  His focus was to break down the barriers that people like Derick refuse to take down in hopes that it will normalize more families like his (they also have a newborn son named Oskar).



His response was a complete 180 from Derick's, with supporters showing him nothing but love for him and his family being authentically themselves.

A new episode of Nate & Jeremiah By Design airs tonight at 9:00 PM EST on TLC. 



6 thoughts on “Nate Berkus Makes Amazing Response to Derick Duggar’s Homophobic Comment”

  1. You don’t respond Hate with

    You don't respond Hate with Hate, I am however happy when people show who they really are, so we can avoid any them at all costs and that we know how gross intent these people hold. If anything, this should be some attention to FBI and Homeland Security as well as local Police we all know what hate has done to human life. This is a reminder that we and the media need to show more positive kind, loving people and wash out the hate regardless of who or what you are, Dog's and Cat's included.

    Hate is hate, Love is love  

    Remember the quote, “Don’t Hate, make America Great" we need to practice it show it and do something about it.


    Live, Love, Laugh

  2. Note: Derick is NOT a Duggar,

    Note: Derick is NOT a Duggar, his last name is Dillard, and he married into the Duggar family, the family filled with bigotry, hatred & prejudice. However, Derick should be focusing on his wife Jill, who was sexually molested by her brother Josh, along with 3 of her sisters, their babysitter, and multiple other young girls. It's obvious Derick needs mental and psychological counseling. The family, and their program, "19 Kids And Counting", were removed from the TLC network, after it was proven the parents were aware of the sexual molestations, yet appeared on television as this wholesome, Christian family. Josh even went as far as to state that LGBTQ people are a threat to children, while hiding the above facts. Now, this pathetic excuse for a husband & father, Derick Dillard, has the audacity to make such a vile statement as "It’s sad how blatant the liberal agenda is, such that it both highlights and celebrates a lifestyle so degrading to children on public television as if it should be normal." He needs to look around the dinner table at the Duggar family gatherings – that's where he will find a family degrading to children. 

  3. The duggers are freak show

    The duggers are freak show that’s the only reason most people watched it, and to see what fell out that lady’s v next. Derick you’re a gay man actually only the husbands are gay I think, they use them ignorant girl as beards .

  4. Good for him.

    Good for him.

    Classy, Smart, and for sure they will raise their child with dignity and respect and won't grow up to be a child molester, religious lunatic and a hypocrite

    Something that Derick should learn from Nate


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