Netflix Leaked The Script To THAT ‘Sex/Life’ Scene

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Netflix just gave us a little behind-the-scenes glimpse at one of its most iconic scenes (of late).

Last month, episode three of the new Netflix series Sex/Life trended online. The show follows a love triangle between Billie (Sarah Shahi), her husband Cooper (Mike Vogel), and her old boyfriend (Adam Demos). After finding out about the ex, Cooper follows him to the gym and then the gym locker room.


The NSFW scene shows Adam Demos going full frontal while getting soaked under the shower’s sprays. And while everyone was sure the meat stick in question was fake, despite the director saying otherwise, we all couldn’t help but keep looking at it. It even became a TikTok trend to react to the scene.

And now, Netflix’s Twitter account is trying to bring the moment back by giving us a look at the script that started it all.

“There are a few scenes from Sex/Life that are so steamy, we couldn’t post them online,” Netflix’s official Twitter account wrote this week, “but no one said anything about showing you the script pages! For example, feast your eyes on how *that* shower scene from Episode 3 was described.”

If you want to read the “Shower Area” page, check it out below.



A jet of hot water. Brad stands under it, naked and facing the wall. He’s alone in a large area with MULTIPLE SHOWER HEADS.

Cooper enters wearing only a TOWEL, takes in Brad, his back toward him. He moves to a shower head nearby and turns it on. Brad doesn’t seem to notice.

Cooper steals a look at him. But Brad makes no eye contact and is unaware. Just then, Brad turns around, facing front. He soaps up, obscuring a SMALL TATTOO ON HIS HIP.

As he does so, Cooper can’t help but lower his eyes to check out Brad’s package — the instrument that brought his wife so much pleasure. And SHIT — his worst fears are confirmed — Brad’s junk is impressive.

Cooper glances back up at Brad, feeling like more of an underdog than ever and guilty as hell he just checked him out. Brad stands there, oblivious, on display, simply enjoying his post workout shower. Then he turns off the water and leaves.

Cooper watches him go, self-hatred turning to anger — at himself, his wife, BRAD… Finally, it’s all too much — he lets himself fall forward against the wall, his arms thudding on the tile–


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  1. The director did not say otherwise, though. All the director said is that it wasn’t a body double, but refused to divulge whether or not it was a prosthetic (although we know the series employed extensive use of prosthetics). Can the Instinct Staff not read?


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