New Short Film “A SONG FOR YOUR MIXTAPE” Raises Awareness And Offers Help To Those That Really Need It.

A short film about a birthday party you weren't invited to…

That's how we were introduced to a new short film "A SONG FOR YOUR MIXTAPE."  First things that came to mind were Guardians of The Galaxy, a love story, high school, and the '80s.  Some of those were right. 

The short debuted two weeks ago online as a Vimeo Staff Pick.  We were sent the video with a little bit of information, but me and my ADD quickly clicked on the video link before reading the text.  That's what I would like you to do as well.  Some language may make it NSFW.



So I didn't expect that to happen.  I was more so thinking he was going to crash the party, find his ex with his new girlfriend and throw him "their" mix tape.  And maybe that is the worst part of suicide.  It's unexpected.  It hits you deep.  It leaves people behind to grieve.

I personally have not lost someone close to me due to suicide, but I have one very close friend that found his brother and another friend that lost his partner because they chose to take their own lives, both by hanging.  It's a topic that does not come up too often in our group of friends since there is so much pain associated with it still to this day.

Thank you Brandon Zuck for this powerful video and this thought …

It centers around the issue of suicide among LGBT youth, and we're hoping to use the visibility to direct traffic toward various resources where people can get help. The film stars Allison Scagliotti (Stitchers, Warehouse 13) and features music by SOHN.

What do you think?