Newest “Saw” Film Started A Blood Drive To Protest Restricting Rules For Gay Men

Image via The New York Times

The latest installment in the Saw franchise is making a statement about blood donation in terms of LGBTQ people.

Jigsaw is the latest installment in the long standing line of films in the Saw franchise. The film is planned to release this October with an R rating.

To promote the film, Tim Palen Lionsgate’s chief brand officer, has organized an ad campaign called “All Types Welcome.”

The campaign spotlights eight gay, bisexual, and transgender social media figures. Some of the names include openly gay model Shaun Ross and transgender socialite Amanda Lepore.

All eight figures are dressed up as nurses and the posters tell people to donate blood starting from October 5th in New York before then extending to 25 cities across the country.

This is not the first time that the Saw franchise and Lionsgate have created a blood drive to promote films. In fact, this is almost a tradition that goes back all the way to 2004 with the first film.

Image via The New York Times

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In time, each blood donation added upon the other and eventually the Saw films had amounted to about 120,000 points worth of donations. This led to the American Red Cross giving Palen an award in thanks.

This campaign however has a different goal in that it is criticizing the Food and Drug Administration for its policy towards LGBTQ people donating blood.

Currently, gay and bisexual men have to forgo sex with other men for a full year before they can donate blood, and many people are upset by this.

“It’s exclusion, and it’s ridiculous, and it’s discriminatory,” Ms. Lepore said in an interview.

“We want this policy changed,” said Mark Burg whose been a major producer for the franchise.

Again, if you want to participate in the “All Types Welcome” blood drive, the campaign starts October 5th.

In addition, if you are interested in watching Jigsaw, the movie comes out October 27th.

h/t: New York Times

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