Next & 58th Surgery for “Ken Doll” Not Allowed In US, Not Available In EU.


Would you seek out a surgery if it was not FDA-approved in the United States and not available in Europe? My answer would be yes, if it was to save my life or the life of a loved one. But when it is a vanity surgery, a plastic surgery procedure, the fact that the US and EU don't offer or do not approve of it, would definitely make me think twice.

For 33-year-old Rodrigo Alves, 57 cosmetic surgery procedures just isn’t enough. The man known around the world as the “human ken doll” is now planning his 58th surgery—a risky eye color change procedure that is not available in Europe or the United States. Alves spoke with the DailyMail about his plans to travel to India to permanently change his eye color to ice gray via a controversial eye surgery that use an artificial iris implant made of a thin, flexible, medical-grade silicone called BrightOcular. –

The eye surgery has been done in countries like Egypt, Mexico, India and Lebanon. Silicone implants are placed inside the eye, just in front of the natural iris. Is it worth the risk of infections, ocular hypertension, glaucoma, iris atrophy, displaced pupils and dry eye, among others? For a twenty minute procedure costing between $5,000 to $10,000, is it worth it?

Alves desires this 58th surgery because he's tired of wearing colored contacts.  The hand painted colored lenses, he owns at least 14 colors, are apparently too much of a nuisance and it looks like he's settled on one "natural" color forever, ice gray.

Do we say bravo?  YOLO? WTF?

Do we really think he looks like a Ken Doll or is he called that because of all the "plastic" surgery?


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  1. He wants this surgery, just
    He wants this surgery, just because he is lazy and he may end up losing his eyesight..would u risk 5 or 10 grand just to get a different eye color! Why risk it! Is he CRAZY! Man you cant put a price on eyesight! You need to get a job, get laid, then see how u feel!

  2. Thank you. White guys

    Thank you. White guys especially look gross with their pubes shaved. Please stop. And stop with the tattoos while you're at it. No civilized person gets one. 

  3. I hope he is happy.  Because,

    I hope he is happy.  Because,  he looks like a freak,  nothing like Ken. Besides,  Ken didn't have nipples neither penis,  would he remove it as well? 

  4. Hi .

    Hi .

    Happiness does not come from outside , no matter how many changes he does he will always look fake.

    What are all these surgery for ??!!!  Fame , men or what?  Before attempting to do anything in our life we need to make sure how things will go for the long run. 

    Good Rodrigo. My wish If you have done nothing. At least you would not change the indentity code that the nature gave you. Now who are you ??

  5. Congratulations, you’re a 33

    Congratulations, you're a 33 year old man that now looks like a 50-something Real Housewife.

  6. May I ask, who seems to see

    May I ask, who seems to see him beautiful?  I see plasticity…not a turn on.  But, that's just me.  I hope he's spending some money on psychological aid.  

  7. Same dysmorphic dysforia that

    Same dysmorphic dysforia that Michael Jackson appeared to suffer from .. they can never be happy with their appearance .. the multitudes of surgeries are the only acceptable ways to take small steps to satisfy a greater, yet impossible desire to replace ones entire being ..  money doesn't bring him happiness .. surgeries are a quick high .. until the next one .. he clearly doesn't look like a ken (or Barbie) doll .. that's his only way to describe the mass physical appeal he's looking for .. eventually, like Michael .. he'll have done so much to himself that pieces will no longer be useful (like Michael's removable "nose" )…. his money would have been much better spent on psychiatric help  .. 

  8. He is addicted to surgery and

    He is addicted to surgery and I would think not a very happy person that he seeks constant change. I wish him luck but I also feel very sad for him. 

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