Nyle DiMarco Gets a Fab Drag Makeover From Miz Cracker — Watch

Credit: Nyle DiMarco Instagram

Nyle DiMarco is arguably one of the sexiest celebrities we as gay men have been gawking at over the past couple of years. He’s constantly been seen in a state of near-nakedness on his popular Instagram account, in the pages of all types of magazines and during his reality stints on America’s Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars. But will that sex appeal hold up when RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Miz Cracker gives him an astonishing drag makeover?

Yes. The answer for that is yes. Them‘s YouTube page posted a video on Tuesday, February 18, of the season 10 RPDR superstar transforming Nyle into a super hot drag queen for the world to see.  


“This is my first time in drag,” he admitted during his sit down with Cracker. “So I’m excited but at the same time I’m a little bit nervous as well. But honestly I think you’ll do me well.” Nyle then opened up about being deaf, as aspect of his life that he’s discussed in length for years in the public eye and was also featured in a segment on ABC’s What Would You Do? over it. 

After talking about growing up with several deaf relatives and going to a deaf school, he then said, “Later on I realized that only two percent of children worldwide actually have access to education in a formal sign language. So I consider myself incredibly fortunate and with this platform that I’m given I feel like I have an immense opportunity to really spread awareness about the issue.” 

The topic of Nyle being deaf continued throughout the video while Cracker beat his face (Drag term. Look it up if you are unfamiliar, hunties). Things took a change for the humorous and sexy when the New York City native asked him if he could display modern phrases like “Netflix & Chill” and “Slide into my DM’s” as sign language. This happened after Cracker brought up an acting scene of his where he offered to send someone a d**k pic. Yes, please.


Nyle & Cracker then headed over to the wardrobe and accessories department after his makeup was done. She helped him get shirtless (JEALOUS!) before he got dressed in an over the top wig & colorful dress. “Wow!” he confessed after seeing himself in full drag. “I don’t look like myself at all but I look fab!”

Credit: Them YouTube Page

Cracker decided to transform Nyle into Trixie Mattel, or as she referred to him as, Trixie Matwo, while she dressed as the legendary Katya. The end result for both could not have been cuter! 

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