Watch The Old Gays React To Lil Nas X

Screenshot: YouTube @Grindr

“We started off in Eden and we ended up in hell.” The Old Gays are back and their weighing in on Lil Nas X’s triumphant rise.

It’s been two years since INTO ended up imploding on itself. You know, after the news staff exposed their own boss and then ended up getting fired along with the video staff. Despite that, some holdovers have remained. One of them is the popular Old Gays video series. In the series, four gay men, named Robert, Mick, Jessay, and Bill, react to trending topics and videos. This could be popular gay celebrities, adorable gay animation films like “In A Heartbeat,” or popular music videos like “WAP” and “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).”


It’s the latter reaction video that was recently released on YouTube. In the video, the Old Gays watch the popular and simultaneously infamous “Montero” music video. But what did they think of it? For the most part, they thought it was hot!

“I like the fact that there’s a lot of certain sex acts that are being suggested,” Mick states.

“I wouldn’t watch it with my mother,” Jessay then adds.

But you’ll be surprised what happens at the end of the video. Let’s just say, get your bills ready to fly.

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