What Happens When The Old Gays Watch the ‘WAP’ Music Video

The Old Gays watch the music video for ‘WAP’ by Cardi B and Megan The Stallion (Photo Credit: Screenshot of video from Grindr Official YouTube Channel)

Ahh, ‘WAP,’ the Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion song, is the gift that keeps on giving. 


After the song came out in August, it became a pop-culture staple and it showed up everywhere from Leslie Jordan’s reaction to the raunchy song to a gay dance cover to ‘WAP’. Carol Baskin, best known as the villain in the Netflix docuseries Tiger King, even latched onto the popularity of WAP by criticizing Cardi and Megan for using large jungle cats in the video.

And who could forget right-wing commentator Ben Shapiro reading the lyrics of the song?

Four months later, the popularity of ‘WAP’ is still going. In Entertainers of the Year issue, Entertainment Weekly’s Alex Suskind said of the ‘WAP’ music video:


“The year’s most unsubtle, NSFW clip sees Cardi and Meg resurrecting the gleeful raunch of 1990s hip-hop by traipsing around an Alice in Wonderland-like mansion in lingerie. Tongues, twerks, and slithering snakes abound.”

Even Grindr is getting in on the act with their newest video on their YouTube channel, “Old Gays React to WAP.”  

Bill, Jessay, Robert, and Mick (the stars of the “Old Gays” video series)  are shown the music video of ‘WAP’.  Mick says of the song, “The lyrics are lewd.” while Jessay comments, “But the fashion’s fabulous.” The guys discuss the innuendos and symbolism of the music video. The four even tried the WAP challenge, a viral dance challenge on Tik Tok where people try to recreate the sultry moves from the music video.


The Old Gays express their enjoyment of the video but will not be adding the term WAP to the vocabulary anytime soon.

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