Oops? ‘Good Morning America’ Hottie Films Live Segment Without His Pants On

Credit: Will Reeve Instagram

Will Reeve, son of legendary actor Christopher Reeve, had a wardrobe malfunction happen during a live segment on Good Morning America on Tuesday, April 28.

Except it wasn’t like Janet Jackson‘s or Tara Reid‘s where his privates “accidentally” fell out. No, the 27-year-old happened to go pantsless on air with the idea that the camera was only filming him from the waist up where he had on a suit jacket and dress shirt.


Oops! The segment Will was doing focused on a report about pharmacies working to deliver prescriptions via drone in the future. Towards the end he threw back to hosts Michael Strahan and Amy Robach. That’s when his full outfit was exposed where his nether regions were only covered by what he referred to as “shorts”.

The hunky on-screen personality isn’t alone in the pantsless department as others, like Andy Cohen, have been following suit. He showed off his attire for the virtual Watch What Happens Live reunion on Thursday, April 23, which bore a striking resemblance to the one Will sported yesterday.

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  1. so who is going to be the first guy to be truly naked from the waist down and do a ‘segment’ that gets posted on internet?


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