Openly Gay Fighter Orlando Cruz Loses World Title Fight To Terry Flanagan. “Real Men” Jump On Twitter To Rejoice.

We were cheering on Orlando Cruz in his fight against Terry Flanagan.  No, we didn't place any money on the fight, but we did place a good amount of hope.  Unfortunately the fight was stopped in the 8th round and the Cruz was not victorious.

Cruz made it that far, a lot farther than you or I would ever make it. This was his 10th fight since his coming out in 2012.  He's kept consistent and strong.  He's also personally felt the importance of being out and open and in the ring.  Before the fight, he said:

'It's very important, wonderful, that other people are interested in me as a role model.  People have told me I'm an inspiration for coming out of the closet. They want to be the same as me – not scared, only happy.  I want that other [gay] athletes are not scared to walk into the society. Don't be scared. Be happy with your life, and happy with your decision. All people are the same.' –


Sounds like words of a champion, win, lose, or draw. But he did lose. No matter, we will always be TEAM CRUZ.  We should note that this was also Cruz's first fight in this weight division.  If you watch footage of the fight, you can see the size difference. 

How did others respond to the Cruz losing?


[Peter] Fury, the uncle and trainer of former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, tweeted:

Fury's homophobia prompted a number of angry replies and he then went on to add: 'Don't worry about my position. Fighting men I want to see. Not something else!' 

His uncle was not the only man from the world of boxing to cause a stir on Twitter as Frankie Gavin, a British professional boxer, also weighed in.

The former welterweight champion later deleted the tweet and followed up with: 'I deleted that tweet because it hit some nerves it wasn't my intention.'


I'm just wondering what all the men that did lose to Orlando Cruz before this title fight would say about these testosterone laden tweets.  Do they feel the same way? Or do they feel they were beaten by a better boxer?

Some boys will be boys and have to check to see if they still have their balls.  But Fury and Gavin, do you have to do it on Twitter?

One last thing, as we all know, Study Finds That Homophobic People Are Actually More Likely To Be Gay.

You can see the last few minutes of the fight inserted below.

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