Our 5 Favorite Gay Men to Ever Compete on Big Brother!

We usually don't get into Big Brother mode until the summertime, but thanks to CBS giving us three weeks of Celebrity Big Brother, we can start celebrating the BB craziness early!  

Big Brother has been on for 19 seasons here in the United States, and has produced some pretty great and not so great winners and players each and every year.  Within those groups, there have been a ton of fantastic gay men who have played the game and have caught our attention in one way or another in the process.

Check out the list of our 5 favorite gay men to ever compete on Big Brother, and it doesn't include a redheaded winner who has been blocked by several fellow BB contestants. 

Marcellas Reynolds (Season 3 and All Stars). Marcellas made both season 3 and All Stars so entertaining, with his witty one liners and his friendships with the two blondes in the house (Amy in season 3, Janelle in season 7). Yes, he did one of the stupidest moves ever in his original season by NOT using the POV on himself, but he did find some redemption in All Stars in a renewed friendship with his former archrival Danielle and once again calling it like it is (his Diary Room session after he got backdoored about Janelle and Will is literally the best thing ever from that whole season).


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Ramses Soto (Season 19).  Poor Ramses.  The cosplay artist from Michigan got sent home way too early as he was unfortunately blindsided when put up against eventual winner Josh.  What's even worse was that he was one of the few players who actually came to compete that season, and not follow around some annoying bearded dude that I NEVER want to see in the BB house again.  Here's hoping he gets a second shot in the near future.

Will Wikle (Season 5).  I give credit for Will doing a one and done on BB.  He's gone on to big and better things, but his time in the house was great and he was one of the first admirable gay men to really compete.  He also would've went a lot further had it not been for the twin twist and their paranoia in the game. 

Ragan Fox (Season 12).  Ragan and Brittany need to have their own show.  I would watch every second of it.  In a fun but so predictable season (The Brigade), Ragan made us laugh hysterically at all times, in particular with his takedown of Rachel when she came back into the house.  He did what she couldn't do: eloquently explain things as he was rational and she wasn't.  It was poetic justice at its best, but unfortunately, he couldn't get past The Brigade and went home sooner than he should've. 


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Jason Roy (Season 17 and OTT). Jason brought the comedy in season 17, and his time was cut too short because Vanessa was, well, a moron.  It would've been really interesting to see Vanessa, who is an out and proud lesbian, Audrey, who was their first transgender contestant, and Jason come together to form some LGBTQ alliance of sorts and really pummel their way through the game.  At least he came back to OTT and made it all the way to the end though.

This list was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect all of Instinct Magazine's taste.

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