Our Lust Affair for Michael B Jordan Heads South & We’re Very Happy.

Yes, we heard you.  When this happened in the theater, we as well gasped too as Michael B. Jordan disrobed in order to battle for the crown and title of Black Panther. 

Mr Jordan has had on several cinematic occasions to take to showing us his fine physique. We shared some sexy oily GIFs of him from his first offering as Creed (Drool Warning! Michael B. Jordan Gives Us A Reason To Go See Creed).  We'll include some of those GIFs down below.

Pampering an active crush on MBJ since the days of the Fantastic Four remake with him as the Human Torch, we've had no problem watching him transform his body into an even more drool worthy, basement flooding crush. 


And it is obvious that he's in love with his own transformation.  In September 2016, he posted these selfies to Instagram. 





I'm working…

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Aight break is over now back to work!

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We do love a man undressed, but he as well looks amazing in a tux. 

Keeping the tux on, we see that he's domesticated, too. Thanks to Vanity Fair we have the cute video: Michael B. Jordan Basks in the Joy of Ironing 

Do we compile more pics to feed the thirst that is MBJ? Someone else did that and put it to music. 

From the Human Torch to Creed to Black Panther, how did he do that? Building up that body has been documented below. So if you want to give it a go …



Okay, okay, understood.  You're clicking on this post to see the full frontal pic.  When I chat on GROWLr, Scruff, and Grindr, I'm more wanting pics like the ones you see above.  I actually have a phrase on one of my profiles, "Let's chat for a while before you show me your pole and hole." We all have different reasons to be surfing the hook-up/dating sites. 

We're not going to post the paparazzi pic of MBJ's peen here since we don't like to get sued by photographers so we're going to point you to CocktailsandCocktalk.com where they have posted the pic for all to see






#tbt Wavy

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