Playboi Carti Was Rudely Accused Of Being Gay

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False Rumors Swirled On Twitter Claiming Iggy Azalea’s Boyfriend Came Out Of The Closet

Welcome to 2020 where apparently it’s still hilarious to falsely accuse people of being gay? Seriously, what’s up with this latest story? It’s already bad enough that we have celebrities constantly gay-baiting us with thirst traps or them falsely coming out for attention like Aaron Carter. We’ve seen wannabe influencers or viral hungry people falsely come out before as a prank, but to rudely spread a coming out rumor so it gets so much attention to trend on Twitter is pretty annoying for anyone to do, but especially when you do it to someone who is a heterosexual father.


The latest victim of a bad coming out joke is Atlanta-based Rapper, Playboi Carti (legal name: Jordan Terrell Carter). In recent days, Carti has been talking about releasing a new album due out before the end of the year. He debuted a snippet of his song on Instagram where a lyric says: “They thought I was gay.” Some internet trolls on Twitter decided to take it upon themselves to run with this lyric and manipulate two Instagram-Story videos Carti posted claiming he came out. One of the fabricated posts reads: “They said we want the album to come out, but I’m [gonna] come out instead. I’m gay.” Carti had another Instagram Story-video with the adorable and attractive Creative Director of Givenchy and Co-Founder of fashion brand, 1017 ALYX 9SM, Matthew Williams. Trolls manipulated this video, claiming in text that Williams was Carti’s new boyfriend. Check out the troll post below that racked up almost 60K likes.

While all of this is immature, Carti’s girlfriend and mother to his son, Iggy Azalea, began trending on Twitter as well that her baby’s father left her for a man. Azalea, who has been a vocal ally for the LGBTQ+ community since the beginning of her career, certainly rolled her eyes at the internet rumors, but that doesn’t make them any less frustrating. Fashion executive Williams is also a married father with three children. It’s messy all around and not funny at all.


As we move out of a pandemic and into a new world… can we stop with the random gay rumors? Or perhaps was this carefully done for more entertainment and clout?

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