Police Charge Quebec Man Who Wore Anti-Gay Shirt In Public

Statements on clothing should be covered under free speech right? Juicy on the back of girl's sweats, Trophy Boy, ACME Feed and Seed. Some are just stupid, vulgar, sexual, and we laugh or we roll our eyes or wear them with pride. What about a shirt that threatens the lives of others?  A shirt cannot do that, right?  It's just a shirt. But what if the shirt is conveying the wearer's death threat that is too serious.

Here is a compilation of two videos covering this incident. One lasting 1:51 and the other should automatically play and is 3:10 long.




What should become of this incident?  Should he be charged with endangerment? Threatening others?  Or is it just a shirt?

The law has spoken.

A Quebec man who was seen in public wearing a shirt with an anti-gay message has been charged with mischief and uttering death threats.

Last month, 18-year-old Julien Clement was spotted at Saunders Farm, an outdoor attraction near Ottawa, wearing a shirt with a slogan that read: “If you are gay, don’t approch me. I’ll kill you (sic).”

Staff at Saunders Farm were notified, however they said that Clement had left before staff were able to do approach him.

In an interview with CTV Ottawa days later, Clement defended his shirt, saying “I hate gays for real.” – ctvnews.com


The right decision?

Should he have to turn in the hate shirt?

Can he wear it in private and be okay?


h/t:  ctvnews.com




2 thoughts on “Police Charge Quebec Man Who Wore Anti-Gay Shirt In Public”

  1. We don’t have free speech in

    We don't have free speech in Canada.  This isn't the USA.  You cannot say things that will cause harm to others or promote hate or violence.  Canada is not part of the USA, just saying because so many americans think it is.

    • I thought the same thing as

      I thought the same thing as well.  What I didn't know was where the girl was from who mentioned freedom of speech in the video, the one who apparently took the pic.

      I remember the police shutting down a religious group marching in front of SKYY Bar in the Montreal Gay Village on Ste Catherine.  My friends were like what?  And I was like, yep, we're in Canada. No freedom of speech.


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