Polish Lip Syncing Couple Jakub and David Made Their Farewell Music Video.


We started our little love affair about 14 months ago in August 2016 when a Polish gay couple exploded onto YouTube and everyone's radar with their lip sync of Roxette's "Some Other Summer."  What helped them explode was the band's support.

Roxette Says "Nice One!" To Gay Couple's Lip Sync Of "Some Other Summer"

The Swedish duo's sharing of their video brought them attention both good and bad. We loved it, but alas there were haters out there.

Polish Couple Threatened After Their Roxette "Some Other Summer" Video Went Viral

LGBT rights in Poland are … well … are there any? With the threats and the realization that their rights as same- sex lovers were limited, what else could they do?

Polish Couple Respond To Hate With New Video

Their love, their fighting for equality in Poland did not go unnoticed. It wasn't only us and the people of Poland noticing, it was across Europe and the globe.

Polish Lip Sync Couple Get Surprised On International LGBTQ Awards Show

The fact that Roxette took the time to once again honor the boys and their efforts.

Jakub and Dawid really were a great couple to get to know.  I've catted with Jakub quite a bit on Facebook Messnger about how things were going in Poland, how they were both dealing with the stress, fame, and new projects.  It was when they did a tribute piece for a fallen gay icon it was evident that even though they enjoyed the projects and they were for a good cause, they were a great deal of work.

Tribute To George Michael By Polish LGBTers Fighting For Their Rights

And what was all of that work for? This couple was not legally a couple and that was one of their goals, along with the rest of the LGBTqers in Poland, to gain marriage equality or even civil unions for their country since both were illegal for same-sex couples. Poland, with 2 million sexual minorities, remains the biggest country in the European Union where sames-sex marriages and civil unions aren’t legally recognized. Not seeing an end to their fight soon, they looked into other options to become husbands, but it would have to happen outside of their country.

Wedding Wednesday – Jakub and David, Our Polish Lip Syncers Gained Clearance To Marry In Portugal

Polish Lip Syncing / LGBT Activist Couple Ties The Knot In Portugal.

Straight after their wedding in Portugal, the couple set off for their honeymoon trip to Scandinavia where they made their newest video.  To celebrate this occasion, they chose to share their love with another Roxette song, bringing their story full circle. And once again, the legendary Swedish duo loved it so much, they published the video on the group's site.

When Jakub hit me up on messenger, I read his message, but the word "farewell" jumped out at me.  The newlyweds say that this last video is their farewell video.

"It was totally different than recording our first video," say Dawid. "This time we obtained permission from Roxette to do the recording … so our hands were a bit shaky because we knew that such a legendary band was going to watch it."

During their vacation they visited four countries, traveled 8,000 kilometers across Scandinavia, and the camera was with them all the time. Some of the remarkable shots included amazing visuals from the peaks of Trolltunga and Pleikestolen.  Luckily everything went well and Roxette loved the couple's video, sent them a message stating simply, "Brilliant,” and then shared it on their official Roxette website.



"It’s a bit like ‘deja vu’ but it’s really great to be fans of such a great band who supports LGBT rights. Even during our wedding ceremony we listened to 'Listen to Your Heart.' I think it’s a perfect way to end our music video story, we need to grow up," Jakub said.



We will miss your videos boys. We will miss you.  I'll still look forward to Jakubs chats on Facebook.  But there was something in his last message to me.

… it's our last video. Farewell – like Cher :))))) We're seriously not gonna do it anymore.

Maybe I need to remind Jakub that Cher had like 3 farewell tours. Maybe it isn't the end?

But they definitely will not be gone forever.  YouTube will still be around and their videos will still inspire us for years to come.

Link to Roxette site: https://www.facebook.com/RealRoxette/posts/1571037462958899

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