Popular WWE Wrestler’s Alleged Naked Pics Make Their Way Online

Credit: Pexels

These WWE wrestlers can’t seem to keep their clothes on! I mean, they usually leave little to the imagination in the ring but the amount of NSFW content they’ve provided lately has been giving us kind of a Naked Kombat vibe if you get our gist. 


Case in point: a wrestler by the name of Ricochet, who refers to himself as WWE’s “resident superhero” on his wildly popular Instagram page. The Orlando, Florida resident has excelled in the world of his sport and also appears to be doing pretty well in the physique department (especially in his nether region) as evidenced by these alleged naked photos of him posted by OMG! Blog. You can see those pics here.


Daniel Bryan, another wrestler who has been a fan favorite for many years, had his own wardrobe malfunction happen when his, um, nuts slipped out a couple of times during his match with super hunky Drew Gulak

Finally we have Rob Gronkowski, who is primarily known for his time in the NFL even though he has dabbled in professional wrestling. His former New England Patriots teammate Tom Brady recently complimented him on his junk, calling it “amazing”. 



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