PrEP, Condoms, Or Both? Have You Talked About PrEP?

To be honest, I don't really remember talking to any of my friends about PrEP.  But then again, we don't talk about condoms, lube, dental dams.  I think there's more jokes about fisting and scissoring than anything. 

Do you talk about PrEP with anyone?  Friends? Your doctor?  Isn't it time we did have a conversation?

Health Canada says PrEP should be used along with condoms, not instead of condoms. But research is beginning to show that not everyone is following that advice. We caught up with one guy who's been on PrEP for several years and prefers condom-less sex with HIV-positive people. “PrEP Talk” is Daily Xtra’s new three-part series on Truvada.  –



Why haven't my friends and I chatted about PrEP?  Are we too busy being childish about sex when there is a serious issue like this around?  It may be because we never really talked about AIDS/HIV before either.  It's not really the elephant in the room, but just something we just don't discuss.  Thank you Health Canada for the research along with the good advice and DailyXtra for sharing this series with us so that we may be mature about the subject.

Head over to for episode 1 of PrEP Talk as this was the second of three in the series. Check out the next webisode to be released on Thursday, May 19, 2016.

What are your thoughts on the video above? is PrEp enough?

Is one of the main benefits of PrEP is that you feel you don't need to wear a condom to protect yourself from AIDS / HIV?

As long as you don't mind other STDs, go for it?



What do you think?