#PrideBeats; Rachel Bawn Brings The Dance Floor To Life With Her New Single “Alive” Courtesy Of This Remix

Rachel Bawn is one of those artists you hear about, hitting the stage at a New York City club (in her case, the legendary Iridium Club) and then being approached by and signed to a label. Bawn is quickly rising on the charts, with her latest single, the victorious “Alive” becoming one of the most buzzed about singles this summer from a pack of emerging artists like Bawn.

Voices like Bawn’s are made for the dance floor, and in the hands of the dynamic dance floor duo of Toy Armada and DJ GRIND, “Alive” gets new life breathed into the track. Bawn’s vocals remain front and center, but inserting drops as the chorus builds and then letting the chorus itself crash onto the listener crafts it into a fantastic peak hour anthem. 

Grab the remixes of “Alive” here:

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