Rainbow Crosswalk in Arizona Vandalized Two Days After Installation!

Rainbow Crosswalks Vandalized Ahead of Dedication Ceremony

Arizona Tastes The Rainbow!

I’m a proud member of California’s West Hollywood neighborhood. Santa Monica Boulevard is essentially a sea of gay for quite a few streets. We are privileged to have a rainbow crosswalk in the center of our extravagant town. I often see too many people taking selfies on it. Check it out below!


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Tucson, Arizona decided to take a step in the rainbow direction and celebrate the LGBTQ Community. At Fourth Avenue and Sixth Street, the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundtation and Fourth Avenue teamed up for years to create a rainbow crosswalk. Check it out below!

Progressiveness sure brings bigots out of the woodwork. Just two days after the crosswalk was installed; it became vandalized with white paint. According to the Historic Fourth Avenue Facebook, the crosswalk has been touched up. A predetermined, dedication ceremony for the crosswalk and LGBTQ citizens was being held hours after the vandalization. The citizens of Tucson refused to let the act of hate get in the way of their celebration.

This isn’t the first of vandalized LGBTQ crosswalks. My colleague reminded me of an instance in Campbell River, where the rainbow crosswalk was vandalized just before pride weekend.

I hope the vandals are aware their tax dollars are heading towards the cleaning and touching up of their hateful acts. Way to spend your money! Jeez, in 2017, you’d think we’d have moved on from petty acts of foolishness. I have faith we will continue to progress as a society and these incidences will happen less and less.

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