Randy “Gaston” Rainbow Takes On The Beauty & The Beast Mess


My Facebook has been blowing up with people contributing to the $170 million US opening of 'Beauty and the Beast.  Have you seen it?  Tell us all about it!

Randy Rainbow decided to put his two cents into the million dollar controversy with this song parody titled 'KILL THE RELEASE!'


As always, very accurate Randy. We thank you.

There of course have been many mini remakes and parodies of B&TB in the past. We wonder if parents would shelter their kids from the following two parodies of Belle's walk through town.  They are a little NSFW but enjoy them anyway.

The first one is from Micah McCain and posted back in 2011


The other one is from 2012 posted by our beloved Todrick Hall.

There will always be parodies of Disney movies, may they be comical, pornographic, political. 

Now, is the new live action one worth seeing in 3D?  That's all I really want to know.


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