Rapper Arkano Opens Up About His Sexuality

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Yet another musician says they’re “very open-minded” while claiming to date girls only.

You’d think Spanish rapper and MasterChef Celebrity 6 contestant Arkano would have learned from Aaron Carter’s mistakes. But it looks like he didn’t. Though, is his truth really a mistake?


In a recent episode of the cooking competition, the 27-year-old revealed to fellow contestant Eduardo Navarrete that he is “open-minded” when it comes to sexuality and dating.

Navarrete approached Arkano about the topic after being contacted by fans (and possibly show producers) about a July Instagram photo. In the photo, shared below, Arkano is seen with a rainbow flag on his mirror. Navarrete then pressed Arkano about his Tinder profile.

“But then on Tinder, do you have only girls on?” Eduardo Navarrete asked.


After being asked to explain the question, Navarrete added, “I only heard things. I saw you with a flag and I thought that maybe you could be gay-friendly or bisexual.”

Arkano then responded, “Yes, but on Tinder I only have girls. Despite that, I have done everything. I am open to everything.”

Arkano also shared that he’s “very excited to get married, look at the other person, and say, ‘I love you. It was you.’ Who doesn’t want that?”


Again, this instantly reminds of the Aaron Carter fiasco from a couple of years ago. It started when Carter posted to social media that he’d once had a romantic relationship with another man. The publicity springing out of that post led to Carter’s profile rising again and the singer getting performance gigs. That includes a tear-jerking performance at a gay bar in August of 2017.

But all of that attention on his sexuality eventually scared Aaron Carter, as the singer later backtracked. Carter shared that he considered his bisexuality a thing of the past and was focused on dating “ladies only.” Sound familiar?


Then there’s the rainbow flag moment that started Arkano and Eduardo Navarrete’s conversation. Arkano not only has the above rainbow flag picture, but he has also posted a picture of himself waving a rainbow flag at a concert. We’ve seen this happen before too.

Several celebrities have received brownie points from the LGBTQ community for waving rainbow flags. From Harry Styles to Ariana Grande, Cyndi Lauper, Meghan Trainor, Fergie, Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora, Adele, and more. In many cases, these flags were waved as a sign of allyship (and if seen more negatively, a way to pander to LGBTQ fans).


But sometimes, the artist holding the flag is a part of the community. Take, for instance, Brendon Urie or Lady Gaga. But sometimes, it’s not so clear. Like the beforementioned Harry Styles, who constantly waves gay pride/bisexual pride flags on stage, is going to star in a film about a gay cop, and released a music video with “bisexual energy” according to fans. But, Harry counts himself as only an ally and says he doesn’t want to label himself or his sexuality.

Or take the 2019 incident when Korean singer Sunmi, who regularly waves rainbow pride flags on stage, accidentally confused fans into thinking she came out. She did so while talking to fans about having several identities.

“Yeah, I have many different sides of me,” she began. “Like, ‘dorky’ and LGBT… LGBT Queen.”

The problem is, fans got too excited and erupted into cheers before Sunmi could clarify that she’s a Queen for the gays.

Photo by Zachary Nelson on Unsplash

We as fans and music/media consumers have to be careful. We can never be too sure if artists are actually LGBTQ, being allies, pandering to us, and/or are outright lying. We also have to be cautious of overhyping people who ultimately support heteronormative structures.

It’s important, though, that we also don’t contribute to bi-erasure. Bisexuality is a spectrum all on its own. And one that’s on the rise. Studies show that more people are identifying as bisexual by the day (especially young people). Someone can be attracted to both men and women while having a preference for one over the other. And, in fact, this is usually the case. A 2019 study from the Pew Research Center found about 88% of bisexuals in committed relationships have a partner of the opposite sex. While a problem occurs when the words “only women” and “not men” come into play, there’s a lot of context and circumstance that needs to be unpacked.

So in the end, Arkano says he’s tried everything and is open to everything but is looking to solely date women. Now that’s we’ve dissected the situation a bit, are you rolling your eyes at Arkano? Are you supporting him? Are you cheering for him? Or is your reaction something else? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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