Real Time with Bill Maher Hosts Milo Yiannopoulos. What Were The Takeaways?

The man who uses the protection of free speech to push the boundaries and people to the limits was a guest on Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO.  One of the first quotable things said on the show was when Bill stated, "If I banned everyone I thought was colossally wrong, I would be talking to myself. "

Watching Bill can sometimes be a challenge, so how would watching Milo on Bill be?  Let's find out.

Much of the banter back and forth was jovial as well as cutting.  One comment that kept popping up was that people, mainly liberals are very easily triggered, it's pathetic. "Liberals just always take the bait."

What drives Milo to do what he does? I am sure there's 99% glory and being talked about.  But the fame monster confesses, "All I care about is free speech and free expression. All I want is people to be able to be, do, and say anything."  I am sure there are more motives present.  I'll recap more after you watch.




Bill said there is a line in the sand that he does not cross when it comes to humor. "I'm a guy who defends jokes, right up to the point where they pointlessly hurt people."

The men talked about humor and going after people individually at the 6 minute mark.

One of statements that Milo seems to truly live by is "mean words on the internet don't hurt anyone." The conversation turns to Leslie Jones.

One point I definitely agree with is "If you don't show up to the debate, you lose."  I've kind of wanted to say this to the Patriots that are pulling out of going to the White House after winning the Super Bowl.  I'd be going to make a statement and be selecting my wardrobe to reflect my disgust.

It seems that there are a ton of people that dislike Milo.  Bill is not well liked either by everyone, but they both seem to agree that Milo's fame is because we care too much about what he says.  "Stop taking the bait, Liberals. The fact that they all (unknown) out at this little impish British fag. You f*&%ing school girls."

As for the guest that did not wish to share the show with Milo?

Scahill has been a guest or panelist on Maher’s HBO show many times during the past decade and admits he might not always be popular with its audience. “[Maher] and his staff have created a vital platform for debate and discussion that at times I love and other times loathe,” he wrote in the post. “I know I fall into the latter category for some of the show’s viewers because I hear from them every time I appear. Whatever one might say about Bill, he always allows guests to challenge him or disagree with him.

“But Milo Yiannopoulos is many bridges too far.”  –

Here is Scahill's tweet about his non-attendance.

What do you think of the Real Time spot?

I was impressed that Milo didn't interrupt and did not really talk over Bill.  For that I give him credit. 

For everything else?  Well …  tell us what you think.






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