‘Riverdale’ Co-Stars KJ Apa & Charles Melton Show Off Their Rippling Abs

Two Riverdale hotties spotted working out shirtless together? Sign us up!


KJ Apa and Charles Melton, costars of the hit CW series, were seen breaking a sweat with one another sans shirt in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 23. They chatted it up with one another while enjoying a nice hike in the scenic area where their glistening bodies only enhanced the atmosphere they were apart of (Kudos to DailyMail for the shots which you can see HERE). 


It’s hard to tell who looks hotter as they both oozed sex appeal while leaving little to the imagination during their west coast outing. Charles, 29, appeared to be engaging in a deep conversation with KJ, 22, while wearing a pair of tiny black shorts. The New Zealand actor, meanwhile, covered up a bit more in his white workout pants and nothing else. Yum indeed.

Fans of KJ’s got to see a whole lot more of him last week after Ellen DeGeneres showed footage of him in the buff on her talk show. He sent her a video of him wishing her a Happy Birthday from his hotel room where his butt at one point was on complete display. We aren’t complaining. 


The show they are on, Riverdale, has given gay men a reason to sweat themselves. Take, for instance, this incredibly hot scene of Mark Consuelos‘ character Hiram Lodge going toe to toe with KJ’s character Archie in the steam room. Eye emoji indeed.

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