Ryan Reynolds Reacts Wittily on Christopher Meloni’s Viral Naked Ad

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is known for his humorous remarks and witty comebacks, and the content he shares on his personal Instagram account is no exception.

Just recently, the Canadian-American actor shared a funny, yet not exactly unexpected, Instagram story of Christopher Meloni’s Viral Naked Peloton Ad, and his caption is hilariously witty as per usual. 

“This isn’t an ad. It’s a crime scene,” Reynolds wrote.

(c) Ryan Reynolds’ Instagram: @vancityreynolds / Cinema Blend

It may as well be a crime if Meloni, in all of his fit physique, is not included when you purchase a Peloton. In the end, Reynolds has a point, and he may be right after all.

But Meloni had fun doing the shots for Peloton as seen here in this Instagram post.


Will this turn into something similar to the Deadpool vs Wolverine banter we’ve seen from Jackman and another Hollywood leading man? You know We Love To Watch The Jackman – Reynolds Love/Hate Bromance and it seems never ending, but we’ve not heard much of it recently.  Maybe Reynolds is looking for another sparring partner?

But maybe Ryan Reynolds is trying to advertise himself with this banter.  Maximum Effort is Reynolds’ production company, the company that did Meloni’s Peloton ad.  Good show Ryan. 

(c) Ryan Reynolds’ Instagram: @vancityreynolds

Source: cinemablend.com

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