Sam Smith Reveals Their Dating Status After Romantic Outing With Sexy Guy

Image via Instagram @SamSmith

What’s the tea, boo? Sam Smith cleared up all the rumors about their love life while appearing on Watch What Happens Live earlier this week alongside actress Joey King

The “Stay With Me” singer fielded a question from a fan who point blank asked them to confirm or deny if they are still single and what dating life has been like during quarantine. 


“I’m still single. I’m on the frontline with all the single people,” Sam said before admitting that they’ve “gone on all the apps and stuff” in hopes of finding someone. 

WWHL host Andy Cohen then joined in on the topic when he said that he urged Sam to join Tinder early in the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Andy I took your advice, OK, and I joined a dating site called Hinge in the UK,” Sam responded. “They chopped me off there after one night because they thought I was a catfish pretending to be me.” 


The father-of-one followed that up by bringing up his own experience with being kicked off dating apps due to them being a celebrity and brought up his desire to have Sam join Tinder specifically because he knows someone at the company that could verify them. 

Andy also did his best to play matchmaker for Sam and the audience member who asked them the single question as he thought they were “very cute”. So perhaps the Oscar winner may not need to join Tinder at all

The question about Sam’s love life comes about a month after they were spotted in a romantic lip lock with sexy furniture designer Francois Rocci in North London.

They were seen holding each other tightly during their sweet day out where they went in for a kiss in the middle of the street while also getting quite intimate with one another while out to lunch.