Sherry Pie’s Designer Speaks Out After She’s Disqualified From ‘Drag Race’

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The RuPaul’s Drag Race world has been flipped upside down over the past week after Sherry Pie, a queen competing on the 12th season of the Emmy-winning show, was disqualified after numerous catfishing allegations against her came to light.

VH1 and World of Wonder released a statement about that on Twitter hours before the New York City queen made her debut on the March 6 episode and also included a disclaimer about it when the show aired that evening.


The situation has caused many people, Drag Race alumna and fans, to speak out about the situation with many issuing their support for Sherry’s alleged victims. Another person who has shared their two cents about the ordeal is Florence D’Lee, Sherry’s designer who happened to make several of her outfits that will be seen this season on Drag Race.

Florence, who has also made exquisite looks for other Drag Race girls like Bob The Drag Queen, Alexis Michelle and Monet X Change, vented her frustrations on her Instagram Stories the same day Sherry was disqualified.


“I just want to make a statement before tonight happens and all hell breaks loose,” the story began. “I spent the better part of 4 weeks building 17 separate looks for this current season of drag race. I have never been more proud of the looks that I created that are about to be on this season, and the team I had creating all the magic. Sadly, all of that hard work is now going to come with a natural prejudice attached to it. A film lingering over all my designs that I will have to sit through and put up with.”

“Please just remember that we, the queer community, that worked endlessly to make this season happen can’t just be grouped together with all of this incredibly sad and awful information that has recently come out,” Florence’s next Instagram story began. “I invested most of my life into what is now basically unusable and unshareable work, and I am heart broken and left feeling empty inside. All I want, and have ever wanted to do is create art that I can be proud of. I could have never known that this would be the outcome.”


Popular YouTuber JakeyonceTV shared Florence’s IG stories and encouraged fans of the show to follow her page in an effort for her to not get “discouraged over unforeseeable circumstances.” The clip had a big effect as she sent a massive thank you to Jake and many others for their support. 

Credit: Florence D’Lee Instagram

“Just wanted to say how incredibly touched, and humbled I am with the outpouring of love and support I have gotten from my queer community over the past 2 days,” Florence wrote on Sunday, March 8. “Creating my art is everything to me and facing the possibility of losing that was earth shattering. Now I can truly see how understanding and emotionally generous our community truly is. That kind of power for good is awe inspiring.”

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  1. Sherry Pie. You did nothing wrong these grown adults need to work on accepting the truth that they knew what they was doing. They need to accept that you became famous and salty that they are not and want to Throw shade your way just to boost their selfs. I proud of you your the best. Love you


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