Singer Vicente Fernandez Rejected a Liver Transplant Fearing it Belonged to a Homosexual

Ask any member of any Mexican household and you will know that Vicente Fernández is THE king of music for generations. That’s why they call him ‘El Rey’. The 79-year-old singer has been on a decline the last several years and even started his farewell tour in 2012. Still, the voice of Mexican regional and ranchera music is alive and kicking and remains a staple at bars, quinceañeras, bbqs, and just about anywhere us brown folks congregate—and that’s not a generalization. It’s truth.

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It’s hard to imagine a world without an icon like Vicente Fernández (a.k.a. Chente), still there are things that are inexcusable, even for old-world thinking Mexican machistas.

During his farewell tour, Fernández learned that he had a small growth between both bile ducts that was cancerous. This brought his tour to a rapid halt. Doctors recommended that Fernández undergo a liver transplant as soon as possible to hopefully remove the cancer, but according to, El Rey shared with the program ‘De Primera Mano’ that he rejected a liver transplant because he feared it would come from a gay man or a drug addict.

He said:

They wanted to put in a liver from another bastard and I said: ‘I’m not going to sleep with my wife with the liver of another guy. I don’t know if he was a homosexual or a drug addict’.

And if you don’t believe it…here’s the video–Chente starts talking about it at the 3:30 mark:

Fernández also shared that he immediately left the hospital and doctors begged him to stay since they had already found a donor who matched.

To avoid getting a transplant, Fernández underwent a treatment in Chile where he says he was operated on by a robot. He was in recovery for seven days.

Looks like all those tequila shots throughout his 50-year career really did a number on Chente.

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I guess we can start calling him ‘El Güey’.



19 thoughts on “Singer Vicente Fernandez Rejected a Liver Transplant Fearing it Belonged to a Homosexual”

  1. Wow! So many clueless, small brained homophobic remarks here. Do any of them even know that they were reading an article on an LGBTQ magazine/site? Pinche pendejos!!! LOL!!!

  2. Wow, people really mad because a 79 year old man is homophobic. What a surprise. His opinions may not be the most politically correct, but he has the right to his opinion. And its not like his opinions matter anyway, no one cares about for his political opinions. And it’s truly not completely his fault that he has ignorant views on homosexuality. He was raised in a conservative place, where almost everyone if not everyone is Catholic, so you could see why his views would be like this. But he is 79 years old, just leave him alone. People calling him bad words in spanish are no better than him. You’re just emitting more hatred for no reason.

  3. Every one has freedom of speech and do want they want with there own body if he does not want a drug addicted persons liver or a gay person that’s fine with me.

  4. Things like this make me sick … let him die .. why should we care if he is that phobic! He deserves what happens to him!

  5. Seems like eberybody talkin shit supporting this dumbass do so “anonymously” funny huh ….wow you hear that loud bang its his arrogant head coming out of his arrogant assss!?? !! May the person who received the transplant this fool rejected be blessed. With many more years to come and ty to the person it came fm as well

  6. The world would be better off not having an “Hijo de puta” like him in it. If anything, that bastard did the the next person on the donor list a huge favor. I’m pretty sure the next person will
    definitely be more deserving of such a gift.

  7. Such comments of his leave me with one – time to go then. Someone more appreciative will get the transplant. Sorry but no sorry…


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