Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, John Green, and Margaret Atwood Among U.S. and Canadian Literary Figures to Sign Open Letter Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Communities

From left to right: Neil Gaiman, John Green, Stephen King, and Margaret Atwood (Photo Credit: Neil Gaiman Twitter Page, John Green Twitter Page, Stephen King Twitter Page, and Jean Malek via Margaret Atwood Official Website)

In response to J.K. Rowling and her emboldened stance on the trans community and gender issues, a large group of writers, journalists, editors, literary agents, and other industry professionals in the United States and Canada have come together to sign an open letter supporting transgender and non-binary people.

The text of the letter reads:


This is a letter of support for the trans and non-binary community from publishing professionals of the United States and Canada. It is a companion to the letter that was signed last week in the UK.


As members of the writing and publishing community of the United States and Canada, we stand firmly in support of trans and non-binary people and their rights.

We are writers, editors, journalists, agents, and professionals in multiple forms of publishing. We believe in the power of words. We want to do our part to help shape the curve of history toward justice and fairness.

To that end, we say: non-binary people are non-binary, trans women are women, trans men are men, trans rights are human rights.

Your pronouns matter.

You matter.

You are loved.


Among this assembly of literary professionals are Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, Roxanne Gay, John Green, and Stephen King. The letter, which has been signed by over 1,200 names in the literary industry of North America, is a companion letter to the open letter from the British literary community with, to date, has around 1,500 signatures.

The British letter comes after an assembly of over 50 British actors, writers, journalists, and playwrights wrote an open letter which appeared in the London-based Sunday Times speaking out against the many people vilifying Rowling and her stance on trans issues. The Times letter comes after the hashtag #RIPJKRowling started trending on Twitter which emerged after Rowling’s new book under the pen name Robert Galbraith which has a character who is a male serial killer who dresses in women’s clothing and Rowling’s promotion of an online retailer that sells transphobic merchandise.


Rowling took to her Twitter page to thank those that signed the letter in support of her.



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