Superhero Sweat. What Does It Take To Make Our Comic Fantasies A Reality?

We know our superheroes didn't wake up with those chiseled bodies, ripped abs, bulging backs, and thick thighs that thy try to unsuccessfully hide in their tights, under their capes, and beneath their chest plates. 

We know it takes a lot of work to look that good.

We also know we like to watch them do the work that it takes to look that good.

We bet you like it, too.

So let's watch Iron Man, Thor, Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, The Winter Soldier, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman build those 'super' bodies. Yes, we all know their names, but it'll spoil the fantasy if we use those names.



Were you as shocked as we were with that Iron Man booty?

What about those moves from Spidey?

Well Tom Holland impressed us so much we wanted to know more. How did Billy Elliott become this muscly 21 year old twink?



Drool over whichever demi-god, superhero, radoiactive mistake, rich man you want to.  Just realize he worked hard to look that good for you.



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