Symone Remains The One To Beat on ‘Drag Race’ Season 13 

Credit: RuPaul’s Drag Race YouTube

WARNING: SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD. Do not read on if you haven’t watched the latest episode yet. Instead, check out this fantastic feature we just did with photographer Mack Sturgis

We are three episodes into the new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race with no one being eliminated. I assumed one member from losing group (AKA the Porkchop Loading Dock) would be sent home on Friday night but they were all safe just like the winning girls were in the episode prior.


So all thirteen of them remain although it looks like we will finally have a lip sync for your life this coming Friday with someone going home. It will also feel like the competition is actually beginning as the entire group will merge as one for the first time. 

Still there are queens who are faring much better going into episode four compared to their competition who haven’t exactly been doing well thus far.

Check out who I think is thriving and failing the most in the newest Drag Race season 13 power rankings below. 

1: Symone (Last ranking: #1). She’s been practically flawless so far and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon. Two lip sync wins, not to mention how hilarious and relatable she is, have made her the one to beat. 


2: Gottmik (Last ranking: #2). There’s a lot of momentum under Gottmik’s belt so far. Her fashion, personality and vulnerability have made her a hit with the show’s fan base (present company included) and I’m excited to see what else she brings in the upcoming weeks (if she’s not axed of course). 

3: Denali (Last ranking: #10). Denali proved why she didn’t belong in the losing group on Friday’s show. She killed it in the mini and maxi challenge especially during her lip sync against Rosé. Way to rise in the rankings, boo! 

4: Olivia Lux (Last ranking: #5). Olivia has done incredibly well so far for someone who hasn’t been doing drag that long outside of the show. She won her first lip sync against a more seasoned competitor in Rosé in episode one and ended up in the top two last week with Symone. Her more reserved personality could make her a silent but deadly kind of competitor as this show progresses. 

5: Rosé (Last ranking: #6). Rosé, being the performer that she is, should have no problem excelling in challenges that are music and acting based coming up if. See: how she stole the show during her group’s choreographed number to “Phenomenon”. 


6: Utica Queen (Last ranking: #7). The quirky, unique girls usually go far on this show and Utica personifies that and then some. 

7: Tamisha Iman (Last ranking: #9). Tamisha is someone we’ve come to love so much in such a short period of time as she has one heck of a back story. She’s worth rooting for because of that not to mention her fabulous fashions and key presence amongst a group of girls half her age. 

8: Tina Burner (Last ranking: #3). She’d place a tad higher had she made it into the top two of her group but I have no doubt that Tina is here to stay for a while given her presence and what will hopefully be a fun storyline between her and fellow NYC queen Rosé.

9: Elliott With 2 T’s (Last ranking: #11). I liked that she shook s**t up with the winning group on her episode and stood her ground with them which wasn’t easy to do given how many big personalities there were. Should be interesting to see how the losing group reacts when they see her in the werk room after giving her the heave ho in episode 2. 


10: Kandy Muse (Last ranking: #8). I’m learning to like her. Next. 

11: LaLa Ri (Last ranking: #12). I’m waiting for LaLa to have her moment as it hasn’t happened yet. Yes, her glittery gold ensemble she rocked on the runway was great but we haven’t seen much else from her in the two episodes she’s been in. 

12: Joey Jay (Last ranking: #4). Joey called herself a “filler queen” in episode one (she’s actually quite talented) and I do see her going far on this show but not enough to be a “winner baby” as Ru puts it. 

13: Kahmora Hall (Last ranking: #13). My opinion on her hasn’t changed since episode one. Although beautiful and fashion forward this doesn’t seem like the show for her due to her multiple missteps she’s had already. 

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