One Queen’s Confidence is Massively Shaken on The Latest ‘Drag Race’

Credit: RuPaul’s Drag Race YouTube

WARNING: SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD. Do not read on if you haven’t watched the latest episode yet. Instead, check out this fantastic interview we just did with fitness icon Shaun T! 


The Porkchop Loading Dock girls (minus Elliott With Two T’s) finally got their moment to shine on Friday night’s show. It began with the winning group chatting after the non-elimination where Kandy Muse & Gottmik breathed a sign of relief after thinking they’d be in the bottom two. Tina Burner also remarked on how the losing bunch is going to have to work that much harder seeing as they came into this season with a major disadvantage. 

It’s the first day round two as Kahmora Hall, Utica Queen, RosĂ©, Tamisha Iman, Joey Jay and Denali march their way into the werk room feeling very upbeat. None of them are aware, at this point, that Elliott is still in the competition after they voted her off so it should make for an interesting reunion next week. 


It’s a rinse and repeat kind of situation this episode as we are once again treated to the same thing that happened with the winning group. Ru tells the competitors that their mini challenge revolves around putting together two looks with one on the lady side and the other serving vamp realness.

A good portion of what happens after this centers on Kahmora’s struggles. Denali brings up how, back in Chicago, she’s known for taking forever to beat her face properly which becomes a massive problem for her before hitting the runway as she and the rest of the girls are given a much shorter timeframe to get ready. 

The mini-challenge begins with the girls serving up very different versions of their lady looks. The standouts to me this round were Kahmora, Denali and Rosé, the latter of which made her colorful concoction that much more fabulous by branding her name on the back of it. 

Then the queens pull out their vampy ensembles with RosĂ© excelling again alongside Tamisha and Utica. Tamisha hailed herself as the “diva of the night” which I couldn’t agree more with as her black dress with a ton of silvery sparkles caught my attention and then some.


Tamisha, who has already pulled on my heartstrings with her cancer survivor story that she discussed on the season premiere, continued to do so in the latest episode. She is such a legend in the drag community with a massive family that included the late Tandi Iman Dupree who made arguably the best entrance ever, like EVER, at any club across the world twenty years ago. See above for proof. 

Not only that but she’s an actual father with three biological children and has competed in over 200 pageants while claiming victory in several of them. “Her p***y is literally on fire because several kids have popped out of it,” RosĂ© jokes. 

Onto the maxi challenge! The girls have to come up with their own individual verses and group choreography to Ru’s song “Phenomenon.” 


Again we see Kahmora’s confidence issues flare up as she doesn’t do well with taking in the choreography. Then she breaks down in the werk room prior to the show beginning. She talks about being in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend and how she feels insecure about doing drag full time because he doesn’t feel comfortable with it on that kind of level.

The girls were able to put together a great show as a group however the clear standouts were Rosé and Denali. 

It’s time for the runway! The theme this week is sheer eleganza etravaganza. Kahmora, Tamisha and Utica were my faves although the other three didn’t exactly disappoint. 


The judges complaints that followed made it seem like the bottom two could’ve been either Kahmora, Joey or Tamisha. Kahmora was dinged for being a fashion queen with no personality, Joey was criticized for wearing her real hair multiple times and not relying on wigs and Tamisha received negative feedback for not giving enough in her performance.

In the end no one was sent home. Denali and RosĂ© were declared the top two with the former easily beating the latter in a lip sync battle to Britney Spears‘ “If U Seek Amy”. 

Next week everyone finally merges where one of the queens will finally get the boot (hopefully). Also it’s an acting challenge which, of course, will be a struggle for some.


Other notes from this week’s episode:

As a card carrying cub I appreciated Ross Mathews’ Bear Week reference during the mini challenge.

I love Utica’s personality. The way she talks about finding everyone in her group cute was oozing with adorableness. 

The losing group claim they’re the trade of the season. I agree.

Also shout out to Joey Jay for keeping that chest hairy. Woof! 

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