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We love seeing the diversity of our readers.  One way to really see what they look like is to view our Instagram: @instinctmagazine . Instead of keeping those that tagged us this past week in house just for us to enjoy, we thought we would share some of our favorites of this past week.

Hunky, hottie, Hawaii, and josHua. We're loving the Instagram posts. Here are two he tagged us in, but we need to go back and dig for his profile pic. Ermahgawd.  Those ballet legs. @bodden_josh and Kansas City, here we come!







Well hello @anthonyunbound.   We'd be bound for Anthony any day.  Bound as in going to meet him, or bound as in tied up?  Well, you take your pic. We'd be happy with both or either.  

anthony.varrecchia  thanks for the tags and thanks for the pics!





A relaxing Saturday walk with my little lady. #levis and #inmyfrye

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@arrondunworth photography #anthonyunbound #anthonyvarrecchia

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Of course we were already following @dudeswithdogs​ and were thrilled to see some smiling faces with their human owners on our Instagram. 






#DelMar #DWD @LiamClifton with his #goldendoodle Lola. #DudesWithDogs.com

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We all know that we can see more than bums and abs on Instagram. @littlegayblog popped up on our page and we read it!  and we're sharing it with you.  Head over to https://littlegayblog.com/artie-odaly-bad-boy/ to see what they're trying to promote. 



Someone's a busy boy.  Andrew Christian Trophy Boy/Int. Model, Official Stoli Guy, and an onlyfans participant, @nickmasc had time to tag us?  Apparently one of our writers has an Insta crush on Nick Mascardo.  Just do a search for him in our archives and you'll see plenty of the model.  We love the cheeky ones. 



Want to be in one of our posts?  Follow us on Instagram and tag us (Instagram: @instinctmagazine) in one of your Instagram posts and we will see what we can do.  We're only going to share the ones we are tagged in, so make it a good one!

We love the variety of men out there on the Internets … but where are those bears? We'd love to see some bears tagging us this next week. 

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