Taiwanese Gay Couple Divorce After One Month

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Update (June 18, 2019): An earlier version of this article included the image of Instagram couple @ms961024, who are unrelated to the story. The article has thus been updated and corrected. We apologize for any confusion.

Taiwan has just experienced its first same-sex divorce.


Last month, Taiwan became the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage. Afterward, several couples ran to get married. In fact, 774 couples ended up getting married in Taiwan by the end of May. But, now the country has also seen its first same-sex divorce.

Within Taiwan’s Pingtung County, one same-sex couple has filed for divorce. But why did the gay men do it just a few weeks after getting hitched? Because of oppressive family members, apparently.

The southern county government’s Department of Civil Affairs has information on all 19 same-sex couples who have gotten married within the last month. They also have information on the couple that got divorced.

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The divorce papers are pretty limited in information, but they do provide a basic explanation that the couple divorced because of disapproving parents.

The couple ended up splitting because of “family pressures, as they did not obtain the consent of their parents,” wrote Taiwan News.

Sadly, this isn’t unfamiliar news. According to the Pingtung County Department of Civil Affairs, another same-sex couple made an appointment to register their marriage on May 24th post-marriage equality coming to the country. The couple, however, canceled after they were deemed too young by their disapproving families.

The country department also states that an average of 150 to 160 couples file for divorce per month within the area.

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  1. I believe in equality but not everyone will treat us equal. That’s the whole thing. We just need to be ourselves. And be proud of what we become and what we accomplish. Earning that value is the most important things. Our self earn money, self earn status whether your a doctor, teacher or just a simple hardworking person, Just be ourselves….our own dignity and no one can not hurt us.
    Sometimes it is really hard to say. Even your own family don’t really treat you equal. So just be yourself, proud and beautiful!

  2. Using Porche and Nuer of Grey Rainbow to illustrate this post! If only they were allowed to stay married a month on that show. They didn’t make it to the reception and it still makes me cry. Lol.


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