Taylor Swift’s Backup Dancer Jan Ravnik Goes Viral and Here’s Why!

Taylor Swift’s backup dancer Jan Ravnik has gone viral after his sexy performance captured the hearts of the netizens, and he sure knows what he’s doing…


Swift’s Eras world tour is currently on its European leg, and Ravnik charmed the fans during the performance of “I Knew You Were Trouble.” In the viral video, the Los Angeles-based dancer can be seen wearing a red puffer vest, paired with red pants.

But here’s the catch, he is wearing nothing inside the vest, showing off his toned bod. While dancing, Ravnik made eye contact with the audience, flashed a charming smile, winked, and even put his tongue out. Seeing it all unfold is certainly heart-fluttering, and you can watch the video here:


Me olvide que es el concierto de Taylor. #thebestdayofmylife #theerastourmadrid #theerastourtaylorswifts #concierto #taylorswift #theerastour #janravnik

♬ sonido original – Kaya Kaya

Meanwhile, here’s what some of the netizens have to say…

“Jan knows EXACTLY what he’s doing,” one TikTok user commented.


“Whoever he winked at, I hope they’re still with us,” another user wrote.

“So nice of Taylor to play background music for me to fall in love,” a user expressed.

“Think my last ovary would explode if he did that wink to me,” another user admitted.

“Best dancer I have ever seen. Had to watch this over and over because he is so adorable,” a TikTok user also gushed.

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Source: newsweek.com

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