Teletubbies Accused of Being “Little Gay Demons”

Images via Instagram @lilnasx and @teletubbieshq

Christian Nationalist, former TruNews host and former Republican U.S. Senate nominee Lauren Witzke is the latest homophobic conservative criticizing Lil Nas X for everything he does. 

This time, according to LGBTQNation, its because the Teletubbies want to collaborate with him. 


Over the weekend, the famous children’s entertainers tweeted pictures of themselves edited to look like the cover of X’s debut studio album Montero, asking, “can we get a feature on the next album?”

The rapper and LGBTQ icon responded, “alright bet! Me and tinky winky on the hook, dipsy & po on the verses and we’ll let laa laa do the outro.”


Sounds like a hit, right? Not to Witzke and several others who believe this is the work of the devil. She shared the Teletubbies tweet on her Instagram saying, “I always knew that the Teletubbies were little gay demons.”

If you think that sounds far-fetched, we suggest you check out Witzke’s hot mess of an Instagram page. To nobody’s surprise, it is full of anti-vax, anti-LGBTQ, anti-Black Lives Matter, and anti-Democrat posts. 


In one, she shared a quote from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez where the congresswoman says, “Trans, two-spirit, and nonbinary people have always existed and will always exist.”

Witzke added her caption, “When AOC says ‘two spirit’ she is acknowledging that trans and nonbinary people are actually sharing a body with a demonic spiritual entity.” 


This is not the first time the Teletubbies have been accused of pushing the so-called “LGBTQ agenda.”

In 2019, former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka said that the Teletubbies were responsible for starting “that whole trans thing.” Gorka made the comments in a response to a caller complaining that millennials have been “brainwashed” by the schools and children’s programming to accept LGBTQ people.

Twenty years earlier, now-deceased televangelist Jerry Falwell received nationwide scorn after chastising the makers of the children’s program for creating what he insisted was a “gay rights icon.”

“He is purple — the gay-pride color; and his antenna is shaped like a triangle — the gay-pride symbol,” he wrote in his ministry’s magazine, National Liberty Journal. Falwell also noted that the purple character, Tinky Winky, carries a purse-like bag.


WildBrain, the company that licensed Teletubbies in America, denied that the character was intended to be a gay role model at the time. However the company did release its first ever Pride collection this year, which is still available for purchase.

Despite conservatives calling out and attacking X, Montero has received rave reviews and is currently on top of the pop world. After a meteoric rise to fame built on social media savvy, deconstructing music genres with his fusion of hip-hop and country, and collaborating with some of the biggest artists in the world, X has safely secured a position as one of the world’s most provocative and exciting talents. Who else is going to dance naked in gay prison, give Satan a lap dance and sell Nike trainers laced with human blood?

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